Stackable Drawers and Other Ways to Organize Your Van

Vans are designed to make transport of goods and accessories easier. However, it takes excellent organization to maximize the space available on a van. This article focuses on methods of increasing or maximizing the space available on a van with special focus on Stackable Drawers. The article looks at considerations to make when designing and fabricating such drawers for your van. It gives you tips on ensuring that the drawers meet your expectations and enable you to achieve desired expectations and therefore make the most of your van.

A well organized van helps you to maximize on the space. There are many options to maximize on the space in your van including use of racks, drawers and shelves. Stackable drawers offer the liberty to transport goods and accessories in flexible units while still enjoying the benefits of convenient drawing. It allows you to reduce the number of drawers at will without having to dismantle the rack. The drawers are stuck together as you load them into the truck. This design is flexible and convenient to use.

Stackable Drawers Designs

Drawers allow you to open by pulling and return the drawer in place when you are done. It is easier to secure your goods and accessories as well as separate them based on their sizes and shapes. Each case can be handled independently and even be left behind when on a response mission.

Stackable Drawers are best used by firms that respond to calls by clients like electricians, veterinary services and contractors, among others. Because of the uniqueness of the needs of each client, the technician can pick the drawers with the tools, goods or accessories he needs instead of carrying the entire workshop only to use one or two tools.

Since each drawer is designed and fabricated independently, a lot of professionalism is demanded. You should consult a specialist in Stackable Drawers to handle your fabrication after design. Each design should be unique but the general concept should be rectangular. This enables you to stack the drawers like blocks, one on top of the other.

With the blocks being used for transporting tools, goods and accessories, special attention is required on the body based on what will be transported. You have the choice of such materials as wood, plastic, aluminum, steel and other synthetic materials. Choose and use a material that can handle the substances you will be transporting. Ensure that your goods are protected from damage by weather as well as safe from loss or unnecessary exposure.

One of the most important considerations when fabricating the Stackable Drawers is the strength of the frame supporting the drawer. While bins are designed to lock each other and therefore provide necessary strength, these drawers must be removable and the frame able to support immense weight. Steel, iron and wood are the preferred materials. You will be creating a rack that can be dismantled by removing individual sections. The frames therefore provide support and must be strong enough.

Individual drawers are customized on such features as size, material used for the drawer and locking mechanism. The drawers can be inserted insider a van without the shapes conflicting. The eventual formation makes them stable for transportation without the danger of falling.

The cost of building Stackable Drawers is a factor of many elements. The main one is material used in fabrication. When wood or steel are used, the price tends to go up. The use of aluminum and other synthetic materials reduces the cost. However, the cost should not cause you to compromise on the quality of drawers or the chests used to hold these drawers. Ensure that a strong material is used for the frame to enable it hold other drawers placed over it.

Shelves and Compartments

These are permanent installations that require a fixing mechanism including welding and screwing. The size cannot be modified with ease on demand. You therefore need to be considerate and ensure that you design a series of shelves that can hold your goods. A poor design will reduce the available space in your van.

Considering that the van is mobile, the installation of shelves should include a mechanism to hold the goods in place and avoid falling when the vehicle swerves. Some of the options include having a protective wall and using fasteners like ropes or clips. The method you use for holding the items on transit in place will depend on the type of goods they are.


Space on your van does not have to be on the floor. Even the area between the floor and roof provides enough space for you to carry more items. Use a hook to hang some of the items and make them easy to carry or trace.

An organized van makes it easier to retrieve goods and also increases the space available. This means that you can carry more items and thus reduce the trips made. With such flexible options as Stackable Drawers, you can carry a variety of goods on a customized space.


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