Installing Power Inverter for Truck in 2018; What You Need To Know

Power Inverter for Truck


A power inverter is an efficient power source because it takes just 12v of Direct Current and converts it into 110v or 220v of Alternating Current. This is the quantity and type of current used by most appliances at home. Such kind of power will be an asset while you are at home, work or on the road. Installing power inverter for the truck will turn it into an all-purpose machine. It allows you to use a whole range of incredible equipment and machines. It will also be an asset whenever you make that long road trip and have no access to reliable power.

Installing a power inverter on your truck requires you to consider several factors. It is these factors that determine the kind of value you get from this modification. Here are factors that will guarantee excellent value for money.

The Best Size of Inverter to Install

There are numerous options in the market when you want to buy a power inverter for truck. You will get inverters ranging from a cigarette lighter that produces 300 watts to a unit with a plug-in capability that allows you to use heavy machinery. Such output comes at a cost. Since it makes no sense to install an inverter whose power output is useless to you, you need to evaluate your needs and install the capacity you need.

Specifications about inverters might sound strange to you. This might complicate your decision to buy and install an inverter. It is advisable that you consult a specialist who will do the calculations for you and provide a solution. Drivers will run appliances like a laptop, microwave and even the TV at the same time. This translates into significant power requirement. Get an inverter that can handle this demand without disappointing you while you are miles off the grid.

Professional Installation

Installing an inverter is a straightforward process. In fact, most technicians will install the inverter effortlessly. Inverters also come with instructions on how to connect and get it rolling. What you need to remember that you will be operating electricity. Any fault during installation can damage all your appliances and even cause fire. The inverter and other devices attached also cost money. Do not damage them in your trial and error escapades.

There are factors you need to consider, some of which are technical in nature. The size of wire to be used and how far the inverter will be to plug-ins also matter. It is convenient and safe to have the power inverter for the truck by a professional technician or garage that will also provide a warranty. The specifications that will be used are based on the information you provide. With experience and technical knowledge, you are guaranteed the best quality services for your truck including a warranty.

A Built-In Battery Charger

This is a life-changing option to consider. It allows you to use shore power or power from other installations like roadside charging terminals or other sources beyond your battery. This happens when you make a stopover or as you prepare for your next trip. You are at liberty to run your inverter for the longest time possible without worrying about diminishing power.

The charger ensures that your battery is forever charged. According to experts, the life of your battery will be prolonged by between 20% and 30%. Since the inverter is stalled outside the battery, it cuts off power immediately it detects reduction. This ensures that you battery has enough power to start on demand. Ensure that the vehicle is installed with its own LVD to enable it start even when voltage for the battery is as low as 10.5V.

Cost of Installation

An inverter is an extra expense for your vehicle. Installation is one of the expenses that you have to incur. Most truck owners and drivers opt for cheap inverters and may go for unprofessional technicians to install. This is a huge risk that will affect the reliability of your inverter. Be ready to invest in a good inverter and also pay a qualified technician to install the inverter and get it running. This will cost you a few dollars but it will save your property from damage due to poor installation.

Installation of power inverter for the truck should be done professionally. Allow a professional to make calculations of the power you need to ensure that you get the correct inverter. With proper installation, you will use your inverter with peace of mind knowing that your property is safe from damage due to poor wiring. The inverter will also meet your expectations and not disappoint you when stranded in the wilderness.


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