Expert Views on Choosing Jobox Truck Boxes

Jobox truck boxes make it easy to organize your tools on the truck by holding them in one place. This will provide security since you can monitor who goes into the box and what is carried away. The box also protects your tools from damage by such elements as rain and excess heat. If these are some of the uses of truck boxes, then, the box must meet a certain minimum standard. This demands a certain criteria for determining the best box for your truck. Here are expert recommendations on what to consider.


The size of the box is determined by the kind of tools or materials you need to secure. Where you are dealing with small sized spanners, nuts and bolts, and a small sized box will be sufficient. Where your tools are long like metal bars and pipes, you will need a large sized box to transport these tools. Choosing the appropriate size ensures that all your tools are organized in the box and well protected from theft or damage by weather elements.

The size of jobox truck boxes is also determined by the size of your vehicle. This is especially important if you want a box that covers the bed of your entire truck. It is easier to fix when the whole bed is covered because it will minimize movement. Height also counts as you may have a box that covers the entire height of the trough and another that covers only a fraction. Balance between the amount and size of tools you will be carrying and the convenient size based on the nature of your truck.


Where will you be mounting your Jobox truck box on your truck? There are different options based on the uses of your vehicle and size of your box. Most jobox truck boxes are mounted on the bed. However, even on the bed, there are options for placing it at the front, on the sides, above the bed, etc.

The position of mounting will also be determined by what you intend to do with the box. When the box is mounted at the front of the bed, you have to get into the truck to extract any material from the box. However, when it is on the side, the door may be oriented outwards, which allows you to extract tools without riding the vehicle. You need to consult an expert designer to ensure that the choice made is efficient for the uses your box will be put into.


Most boxes are rectangular in shape. However, beyond that, other factors like the positioning of the door, number of compartments, the need for a locking mechanism, etc affect the overall design. How and where jobox truck boxes are mounted on vehicles also affect the overall design.

The design on the outside might be similar but the nature of interior design also matters. Most truck owners prefer jobox truck boxes that have compartments. The compartments allow you to separate and organize your tools based on their size, uses, material, and other features. The compartments come in different sizes in terms of length and width. This design is based on the items they are supposed to carry.


Jobox truck boxes are made of different materials with the most common being steel. The choice of material is determined by personal preferences and the uses your box will be put into. For instance, heavy metallic tools like spanners, chisels and bolts require a heavy material that will not be perforated by these tools when the vehicle is in motion. You may also use aluminum if the tools are not too heavy.

The material used to make the truck box will also determine how safe and secure box is. It is difficult to break into an iron or steel box. However, a box made of aluminum or other sheet materials can be broken into. As such, when you need to carry sensitive items or tools, choose a material that guarantees security.

The quality of material also affects maintenance needs. Metals easily get corroded and thus require meticulous finishing. Choose a material that protects your tools from elements like excess heat and cold as well as moisture.

Personal preferences are also considered when designing and installing jobox truck boxes. You may require a box that can be removed to create space. The positioning of the door, the locking mechanism to be used and number of compartments are determined by personal preferences. Remember that you have a budget to consider and every feature incorporated will cost you money.


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