Maximize Your Van’s Cargo Space with a Jet Rack Ladder Storage System

Service vans are now a common feature on American roads as they offer reliable transportation to contractors. Whether you are a plumber, remodeling contractor, cleaner or HVAC contractor, this vehicle offers enough room to haul all tools and equipment.  Most high performance vans including Mercedes Sprinter, Nissan NV, Ford S-series and Dodge RAM van are ergonomically designed to help service providers deliver exceptional services. However, all these vans pose a challenge when it comes to transporting ladders and this is where the jet rack ladder storage system comes in handy.

A ladder is one of the most essential pieces of equipment you need as a service provider. Using this equipment for your work makes all the difference between shoddy and topnotch workmanship.  It allows workers to access difficult areas and deliver exceptional services. However, hauling a ladder is not easy because it is bulky and you need to be creative to get it done.

Innovative Interior Ladder Storage System

If you are using a van to deliver services to your customers, you appreciate how important every inch of its interior space is. The last thing in your mind is probably transporting your ladder inside here but it can be done. The ingeniously designed jet rack ladder storage system helps you to do exactly this. One of the most overlooked areas inside the cargo area is the ceiling and this is exactly where the jet rack is going to fit.



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