The Best Truck Bed Tool Boxes

A tool box makes it easier to transport tools and other work equipment. It also helps to secure them by putting them away from the glare of the public. The box is also effective in protecting them from damage by environmental elements like the rain or direct sun. This is why the choice of perfect truck bed tool boxes is so crucial for vehicle owners.

Each truck owner has a different idea of what he/she intends to use the box for. This will determine the type of box to choose. It means that a box that suits one truck or serves an owner might not serve another. To avoid making costly mistakes when choosing boxes, what considerations should you make when buying or installing tool boxes on your truck bed?

  • The material to use- truck bed tool boxes come in different materials. They include steel, wood, aluminum and other synthetic materials. Each material fits a particular purpose. For instance, if you are buying a box to enable you secure your equipment from theft, you require a box made of steel. Softer materials might be easy to break into and thus will expose your property to theft.

    Steel on the other hand is sufficiently strong and even easier to reinforce. It will require specialized tools and machines to break into. The material also determines the kind of tools that can be carried in the box. If the body of a box is light, it will be impossible to transport tools with sharp edges. They will perforate your box and render it useless.

  • Style of installation- tool boxes are installed in different styles. The first consideration you need to make on style is whether it will be permanent or temporary. Each will affect how well you use your truck. A box that is permanent will limit the space available in the long term. It will also require special and elaborate attachment mechanism compared to the removable box. You may also need a box that lies on the floor or one hanging on the body. These styles determine the space that will be left and the type of cargo you can transport.
  • Size of the box- boxes come in different sizes. The decision on size will depend on the needs of the vehicle use. The size you choose has ramifications on how much space you will have available afterwards. Choose a box that can accommodate all the tools you need to carry around.
  • Permanent of mobile- your work and how you use the truck determines whether you install a permanent or a temporary box. Ones the box is bolted or welded permanently, it will be difficult to remove it without damaging the vehicle or requiring the assistance of a professional mechanic. For a temporary box, it is easy to remove whenever the need arise. It enables you to create space on your truck whenever you need it. However, it may be insecure when you are on the move as it might cause danger to other road users or damage the vehicle if not fastened properly.
  • Type of lock to be used- this factor is tied to the type of material used and the level of security required. There are boxes that are secured using an ordinary locking mechanism that does not require a key. There are instances where tight security locks are needed. Remember that there are locks that can be used on wood while others are exclusive for use on metal. In other cases, welding on aluminum might not deliver the results expected. This means the use of alternative security mechanisms.
  • What to carry- the tools to be carried in the box will inform you of the best one to install. If your tools can easily be damaged by water, you will need a water proof box. This could mean an ordinary one that is reinforced to keep away water. Where a variety of tools are involved, you will need a partitioned box that allows you to put different tools in different segments for easy tracing or retrieval.

The value you get from your truck will be affected by the choices you make on truck bed tool boxes. Consider the type of tools you need to carry and the safety regulations put by transport authorities.

Consult a professional in installation of tool boxes on truck beds to ensure that your desires and expectations are met. Avoid compromising the functionality of the vehicle or safety of other road users with the installation because it will compromise your insurance.


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