Dodge Lighting – Determine if your Dodge has Incandescent or LED Lights

It’s true that you love your vehicle and cannot do without it when travelling from Point A to B. Be it day or night; you rely on your strong set of Dodge wheels and the reliable lighting possessed by your car. Of all the known features and functionally of the latest Dodge models, its lighting is supposed to make heads turns in many more ways than one.

If you are wondering how to figure out if your vehicle possesses incandescent lights or LED Dodge lights, then what follows below is surely for you. In this article, we have aggregated some essential facts to help you ascertain the kind of Dodge lighting boasted of by your car model.

Take a Look at the Bulbs

To understand whether to comprises of LED or incandescent lights, take a hard, close look at the bulbs themselves. Do know that a simple observation of the outside lenses may prove to be deceiving. The bulb present in incandescent lights have a filament such as # VX-SDH11 wherein you get to see wires making connections on the inside. The LED light has units akin to small computer chips with a single diode or numerous diodes that are circular in shape, such as AR50368 or #P269004W.



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