Roof Top Carriers make Life Easier for Van Owners

This blog scripts the most efficient, best and safest ways of transporting ladders and other long equipment to job sites with the help of roof top carriers.

Ladders can be the most crucial components for technicians and contractors on the go. Long and bulky, they need adequate storage space to reach the client’s site without getting unsettled or causing accidents on the way. Be it roof top carriers or interior ladder racks designed for modern day vans and trucks, investments in ladder rack hardware can be very critical for accomplishing jobs the proper way.

Fortunately, there are quite a few ways of moving ladders. While some fleet owners choose to go for high quality roof-mounted ladder racks carriers, other’s may prefer to lug them around in the cargo areas of their vans. An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of using interior ladder racks and roof top carriers would help each fleet decide the best option for its ladder storage needs. If you are looking for better options for carrying your ladders from one point to another, then it would certainly help to delve deeper into the world of ladder and racks and invest in the product that meets your job purpose to the hilt.

Evaluating Roof Top carriers and Ladder Racks

If your business requires the hauling of 40-foot plus ladders, or in case you are a service technician who may need ladders of different heights to get your work done adeptly, then roof mounted ladder racks happen to be the only choice. Obviously, such long ladders would not fit within the interiors of the van or truck you use. By mounting the ladders on a high-quality roof-top carrier, you can get plenty of space for storing other inventory, equipment and tools. More so, you need not spend your hard-earned money in renting different kinds of equipment for reaching those high-up places at your client’s address. One of the other upsides of mounting ladders on roofs is the encouragement for fleet owners and van drivers to store their ladders safely and properly. Additionally, accidents can be averted if the ladders are stowed on roof top carriers rather than the floor of cargo areas.

While roof-mounting racks are well suited for carrying large ladders, there are a few drawbacks of installing them. For instance, having it effectively increases the overall height of your vehicle. This in turn may affect the clearance needs of your van, limit access to parking spaces and garages, and create hassles while maneuvering different drive-through facilities. In rare situations, these racks may cause damages to the vehicle, facility or equipment when a driver collides with any obstacle due to lack of clearance. Roof-mounted ladder carriers come packaged with certain hidden costs as they impact fuel economy by increasing wind resistance.

These days, It is are manufactured from weather-resistant materials that do not get spoiled when exposed to inclement weather and the elements. Also, once the ladders are mounted, they can be covered with snow, ice and rain proof materials to keep them dry and as good as new upon arrival at the client location. In other words, if used the proper way, roof top carriers can enhance the productivity of technicians by helping them save time and get their ladders in perfect order at their job sites.

As per experts and reputed manufacturers, in high and medium roof vans, as well as low roof vans, fleets would require drop-down ladder racks to aid the cause of loading and unloading ladders. Though such ladder racks are comparatively costlier to upfit, they reduce the risks of workplace injury. The downtime suffered as a result of such injuries may lead to other potential hidden costs that fleet owners need to consider while installing.

Looking at Interior Storage of Ladders

If roof-mounted ladders are causing concern, then you may wish to haul your ladders in the interiors of your vehicle. As far as safety is concerned, ladders cannot fall off if they are stowed well inside the van – also, the likelihood of theft gets reduced manifold. By avoiding it, you can be less concerned about the height, fuel efficiency, clearance, and wind resistance related issues. In terms of pricing, the interior ladder racks sold in online and offline stores are certainly less expensive than roof-mounted ones; especially if drop-down ladder racks are in the reckoning. By opting for interior storage of ladders, fleets can look forward to reducing their overall costs of ownership by preventing decreased productivity and the costs of up fitting.

However, everything is not as rosy when you choose to install interior storage racks in lieu of roof mounted carriers. Jobs requiring long ladders on day-to-day basis are generally inappropriate fits for interior ladder racks. Your 40 feet plus ladders are best placed on the roof of your vehicle!

Making the Best Call

All said, while selecting between interior ladder racks and roof top carriers, one of the most essential considerations lies in ensuring that you and your technicians always have the right equipment for performing different jobs to perfection. While interior storage means are a cheaper option, they may not be easier. It is very important to weigh all the factors that reduce worker productivity and focus on safety implications as well as storage capacity requirements to invest wisely.

Alongside, it is a good idea to take the recommendations of experts in the field of roof top carriers and other ladder rack hardware. This helps in understanding the different options available for meeting different job requirements, implementation challenges and cost parameters to the hilt. The best approach towards buying any ladder rack alternatives lies in keeping an open mind while making the choice. So, desist from adopting the “we’ve always done it the old way, “approach and get the most from your investments.

Buying cargo carriers can boost the storage capacity of your van tremendously. They do so by transforming the roof of your vehicle into an alternative cargo area or trunk. By freeing more leg room within the interiors of your cargo van, such ladder rack hardware products are known to offer greater relaxation and comfort for you, your technicians, co-passengers, etc. If you have to lug around long and heavy ladders, it is surely wise to invest in a strong, roof-top platform for transporting them from one point to another. Go ahead, look around for the best available options and invest in the right storage unit for your repository of equipment.


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