Ladder Rack Hardware for Lugging Heavy-duty Loads

As a contractor, Tim was always on the move with his overloaded but well-stacked truck. Though he had enough factory-created, internal storage space to ferry around his inventory, tools and equipment, he was forever on the lookout for sturdy ladder rack hardware to make his mobile workspace more organized and functional. He would check out the top work rack suppliers online and in local neighborhood stores to aid his cause. Very soon, he found the best ladder racks and utility racks at an online sale. They were designed and smartly built to handle the toughest of jobs on hand. He invested in two pickup truck ladder racks from the catalogue of racks that were rated to lug 400-1250 lbs. The van ladder rack that he purchased as a standby for his second cargo van was designed to carry a load of up to 800 lbs – now that’s quite a lot!

Tim was lucky to get in touch with a friend who led him to one of the leading stores selling it online. What followed was sheer bliss as he could browse online and select the products of his choice from a long list of racks designed to carry lumber, pipes, conduits, ladders and all other long construction materials. He came across several heavy-duty utility racks that could be used as pipe racks, lumber racks, ladder racks, conduit carriers, etc. as and when the need arose. More so, there were plenty of accessories on sale that could be used for attaching safety lights, securing materials, storing conduits, covering loads, protecting windows, and so on. With so many options to choose from, Tim was certainly lost for choice – the same would apply to you if you are hunting for the best online!

If you happen to be a sports enthusiast and are searching for van ladder rack hardware to carry your long-sized sporting gear, you may wish to check out ladder racks accordingly. Be it surfboard racks or sup racks, kayak racks or bicycle racks, windsurfer racks or canoe racks, racks for carrying cargo boxes or something else, there is a full range of superior quality products that’s available for grabs. The good thing about buying for vans and trucks online is that you can be assured of getting the best discounts, low prices, and quick shipping after your order has been received by the vendor of your choice. Here, the challenge is to choose the right ladder rack for your immediate and future requirements.

The act of choosing the appropriate may prove to be a tad cumbersome for fleet vehicle owners as they would have to consider a number of factors before freezing their purchase. Some of these factors include van roof height, storage, and the need for accessibility. However, as there are racks available for all fleet needs, proper research would help these fleet owners get the best of their choice without any fuss or ado. Also, ladder rack selection in terms of commercial vans is extremely important; this is because it impacts initial cargo capacity, cost, worker safety, productivity and a host of other factors as well. The pricing may range from $200 to $2,000 for each rack, thus making the process quite complicated and expensive. As per expert insights, there are some essential factors to consider when going for the ladder rack hardware perfectly suited for the act.

Know the Options before you Click on Pay

At the very onset, gain familiarity about the various kinds of ladder rack hardware on sale, their strengths and weaknesses, physical attributes, load bearing capacities, etc. Commonly, ladder racks are categorized into three main categories – lock-down, utility, and drop-down. Do note that different manufacturers may have different brand names and means of segmenting their products, so, choose accordingly to understand the style that fits specific applications to the hilt.

Pros and cons

1. Utility Rack

Suited for standard-room and compact full size vans, this economical option may be as simplified as 2-3 adjustable crossbars that are mounted on the top of a truck or van. This kind of ladder rack hardware may be designed as a one-piece gridiron platform that flaunts a fixed perimeter and has adjustable crossbars. Utility racks have the flexibility of carrying many more materials beyond ladders, such as pipe and lumber that can be firmly secured onto the racks by using bungee cords, tie downs, or straps. Though these racks are slightly tough to load and unload, they are useful for carrying boards of wood, other material electrical conduits, etc. Depending on the frequency of use and weight of the ladders, this option could increase the overall risk of injuries for van workers, thus resulting in lost productivity and expensive claims.

Pros: Lowest price point, ability to carry multiple ladders and material types.

Cons: Potential for overloading, difficult to access, dependent on van height.

2. Lock-Down Rack:

Suited for standard-roof full-size and compact vans, this type can be purchased in double-sided configurations and single-sided configurations. These racks have the capacity to haul one ladder per side. As per experts in the field of it, this style flaunts an easy-to-use torsion system that effectively “locks” the ladder into its place. As lock-down racks are specifically designed exclusively for carrying ladders, there are some manufacturers that offer accessories, including conduit carriers, which are appropriately compatible with this style. As far as pricing goes, lock-down racks can be segregated in the mid-level option and range from 300 to $800 in accordance to single/double side installation as well as other factors.

Pros: Dependable locking mechanism, easy-to-use

Cons: Difficulty to access in case of high-roof vans, cargo limitations.

3. Drop-Down Rack

Also designed for use in standard roof full-sized and high-roof vans, this is quite similar to lock-down racks. In most cases, drop-downs can be purchased in single or double-sided configurations. They have strong built-in locking mechanisms for securing the load they carry. A drop down rack can be lowered to a level wherein the ladder can be loaded and unloaded easily. It can then be raised to a secure travel position courtesy the help of pneumatic, mechanical, or electric assist, thus taking the strain off a worker’s back completely. It is a good buy for large fleet owners grappling with ergonomic-related injuries, workers’ compensation claims, etc.

Pros: Easy-to-use locking mechanisms, increased safety, reduced strain on workers.

Cons: High price-point, cargo limitations.

Considering Accessories

The other rack options that need careful consideration for enhancing worker safety and productivity include interior-ceiling mounted van racks for additional storage, conduit carriers for hauling pipes and conduits, rollers for gridiron-style utility racks, light stands for increasing rack visibility after dark, auxiliary steps for offering slip-resistant surface and safer “step-up” access, etc.

Last Word

Before you log into the selling store of your choice, assess what loads would be hauled on the racks on a daily basis. Alongside, it is essential to make an estimate of the nature of materials that will be hauled frequently. Would you require a rack for just one or two ladders, or a utility rack for ferrying more than two ladders? What is the height of your van? Is it a high roofed Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Ram ProMaster that demands drop-down racks for greater accessibility? Lastly, how often will you access the ladders? Drop-down racks are most suitable for loading and unloading heavy ladders several times a day. The bottom line is that you should choose and buy ladder rack online only after understanding the number of ladders to be loaded, frequency of use, cargo type, initial cost, van height, accessibility, etc. An optimum combination of all these factors of consideration will help you attain the best results – go for it.


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