Choosing the Right Tool Box for your Truck – the Proper Way!

Finding the right tool box for truck is a messy business. From going through a catalog of hundreds of tool boxes to reviewing their make, type, and mount design, one has to expend a lot of time and energy in choosing the best one to suit any given purpose.

A tradesman is only as good as his tools and equipment. However, it is just as important to invest in the right kind of tool box for truck to help carry such equipment efficiently. The primary purpose of a good toolbox is to make proper use of the available space and provide viable storage space for all necessary tools. These boxes also help bifurcate the available storage space, thus allowing you to organize your tools effectively. With a tool box in place, you no longer have to scour through the truck floor in search of a spanner or pair of plyers, every time you stop at a job site.

It is useful for technicians who work in all kinds of professions including plumbers, mechanical contractors, HVAC specialists, electricians etc. Depending on the requirements and the tools in use, one can opt for a portable tool box design or a fixed one. But, how do you choose the right? What makes a tool box suit your purpose? Read on to find out.

Why choose a tool box?

One of the primary reasons to opt for this is to organize all the tools that you use on a regular basis. As a professional, you obviously carry a variety of tools to complete your job to perfection. These tools are usually separated into multipurpose tools, specialized tools, customized tools etc.

Having these tools stored separately will help make it easy for you to retrieve them when in need. The box will help reduce the amount of time spent looking for the right tool since you will be well aware of where the tools are present. Apart from saving time and energy, it will also help keep your truck floor clean and tidy and will give you more space to store additional equipment and goods.

What makes a good tool box?

Although different tool boxes are used for different purposes, one cannot deny the fact that each needs to satisfy some standard design fixtures. These design parameters assure quality and reliability, and are thus tailored for rugged use and everyday work.

It ought to be fully welded, and should have a suitable lid. Good welds and a strong lid with an appropriate lock help keeps these boxes sturdy and secure.

The tool boxes for truck are usually carried on site and are left in the midst of dust, dirt, and moisture. Good weather protection coating will help ensure that the structural strength of the box is not compromised over time. It will prevent any rust formation on the surface, thus preserving its structural integrity.

The box should be easy to close and open. A complex operating mechanism will only make it that much harder to access your tools when in need. However, the lid itself should fit snugly over the box in order to prevent accidental spillage of the contents of the box. A low profile domed lid will prevent any driver obstruction when retrieving the tools from the box.

One of the most important aspects is its cargo capacity. It should be large enough to fit all your necessary tools snugly. A box that is too small will require you to store certain tools separately, while a box that is too big will make your tools bump into each other, thus resulting in scratches and dents.

Mounting styles of tool boxes

One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing it is the mounting style. Not all trucks are designed the same way, and not all storage requirements are the same. Thus, choosing the right kind depends on the mounting style, which helps you to make the best use of the available floor space. Some of the most common mounting styles include-

Crossover: The crossover style is most popular in pickup trucks. Here, the tool box for truck is mounted across the entire length of the van’s width, usually just behind the seating space. Since it takes up very limited space at the back of the truck, it leaves more room to store other heavy-duty equipment.

Side: The side mount is attached on the side of either of the rails. It sports a highly convenient design and makes for easy access to the tool box without hindering access to the rest of the tuck space.

Chest: The chest is one of the most common mounting types. Here, it sits snugly behind the seat, on the truck floor. This convenience makes such a tool box suitable for a wide variety of trucks and vans. The only downside is that it takes up a lot of room on the floor space, and is generally used to store large equipment and tools that cannot be stored anywhere else on the truck.

Sliding: The sliding tool box for truck offers optimum functionality and takes up the least space. Its unique design comes with a sliding base, which makes it easy to retrieve and store the tools in an efficient manner. This design makes it possible to convert the entire floor space at the back of the truck into smart storage space. Such large space can be further segmented to help fit more tools efficiently.

Hitch: The hitch tool box mounts directly on the trailer post, and does not hamper the space on the bed itself. This is well out of the line of sight, and ensures that the rear view is not obstructed in any manner. This type of mount is suitable for smaller tool boxes that are light in weight and those that do not take up much space.

Design and manufacture parameters

The preferred material to manufacture is aluminum owing to its light weight and sturdy nature. Aluminum offers corrosion resistant properties and does not require any special care and upkeep to eliminate rusting. However, these aluminum tool box for truck can be painted/ powder coated with custom colors to suit your style. Such tool boxes are usually coated with black or white powder to give off a fine finish and to protect them from premature corrosion. The cheaper boxes are made of steel or hard plastic. The ones made of steel are extremely sturdy and robust but weigh quite a bit. The plastic ones are lighter in weight and feature a variety of colors, but are not as durable as their metal counterparts. Both these types are quite popular and find use in different truck models.

It offers more than what it is intended for. Apart from being an exceptional way to store your tools and equipment, it can also improve upon the aesthetics of the available truck space. These tool boxes are usually equipped with strong locks that transform them into reliable storage space. Overall, it is a good idea to invest in a high-quality tool box for truck for gaining lifetime benefits. Buy one today.


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