Take Your Work on the Road with Nissan NV Mobile Office

Just like you, most small businesses and individual contractors are expected to oversee associated administrative operations along with other work processes. Given this, while working on the go, taking care of paperwork in the cramped and disorganized space of a van can be an inefficient and uncomfortable affair. This is why you need to invest in Nissan NV Mobile Office – an extremely competent portable workspace that creates professional environment for mobile workers.

Its interior space features a contemporary integrated visage that makes working inside the truck a pleasurable experience. The innovative new design of this model, coupled with the promise of quality from Nissan, has made it a hot favorite in the recent past. The van has found good use in a number of industry verticals and for many reasons too!

Why to choose?

At first glance, the interiors of this vehicle look like that of any other delivery van. However, on closer inspection, you realize that it has been remodeled to work as an effective workspace. For example, the center console alone has a slew of features! For instance, the clip holder at the edge of the center console makes it easy to securely hold your pad/ papers in place, thus allowing you to fill out forms/ do paperwork conveniently.

The central console in the driver’s area of the Nissan NV Mobile Office can be removed completely to make space for a walkway to the rear part of the van. This improves accessibility, and helps you switch your roles as an administrative executive and technical representative efficiently. The armrest lid on the center console can be slid forward, which can in turn act as an additional table space. The passenger seat can also be folded down to a horizontal position to increase available table space. This makes working on a laptop so much easier inside the it.

Underneath the armrest is ample space to store a number of essentials – from a laptop to folders, files and stationary. The storage space underneath the armrest comes with a couple of power outlets- one with a 120V output and another with a 12V output. This provides you with virtually unlimited power for charging electronics on the go within the Nissan NV Mobile Office.

True office space on wheels

This offers effective portable office space at all times. The rear of the vehicle can be stripped of any additional fixtures to accommodate a fully functional desk, computer and other office necessities. The large space in the rear of is also suitable to set up a partial office space, with just the essentials, while the rest of the vehicle can be used for storage/ delivery purposes.

It is capable of being equipped with the latest in office technology, including a wireless internet and touch screen computer to felicitate connectivity. Adding a pullout desk in the rear helps improve storage without compromising upon functionality. Its features Bluetooth audio connectivity as well, thus, making announcements from the van or listening to music proves to be a pleasant experience without having to wade through audio wires every time. The van can be further customized to host a coffee machine and a mini fridge – now, isn’t that something?

Just as familiar as a regular van

Despite being nothing short of a revolutionary entry to the commercial workspace/ van segment, it is designed to have a familiar layout at the driver’s seat. Both the seats at the front are elevated to give a better view of the road and make good use of the available headroom.

The gear shifter is placed up front, which makes it easier to drive around in heavy traffic, and also gives enough room for leg space and a large armrest/ center console. It has a large glove box, which comes in handy for storing writing pads and other necessary tools inside the it.

The pull-out spaces under the seats offer additional storage for other necessities. It has large door pockets that aids in storage. It also comes with standard cup holders placed in comfortable positions for carrying your daily coffee on the go and without risking spillage. The Nissan NV Mobile Office is a cost-effective solution to all your mobile work environment requirements. Its customizable features are an added bonus for a wide array of small businesses. The van is the perfect amalgamation of a delivery/ service van and a convenient workstation on wheels.

Why do you need a mobile office?

Administrative operations are an integral aspect of any business entity. Having office supplies close at hand will also make it easier to provide your clients with appropriate paperwork once any business transaction is complete. One of the biggest benefits of having a mobile workspace such as the Nissan NV Mobile Office lies in the flexibility it offers.

Traveling from one client location to another is a hassle in itself, and returning to the office to file paperwork frequently is time-consuming. Thus, investing in it helps you make the best use of available time. It reduces redundancy and improves work efficiency to the core. Being on the road in a Nissan NV Mobile Office exposes your senses to constantly changing surroundings, thus eliminating the monotonous routine that you may get sucked into when you are in closed office environment.

Setting up a reliable mobile workstation

Since most office operations have crossed over to the digital realm, a laptop makes for a portable work center. It is equipped with dual power outlets within the van, which ensure that your work station does not go out of power. Wireless internet access in the form of reliable mobile Wi-Fi hotspot will always keep your it connected to other stakeholders in your field of work, thus allowing you to address all queries with ease.

Finding digital versions of physical entities such as van communication systems, work logs, invoices, online payment systems, etc. will minimize clutter within the van space, thus making room for necessary tools and equipment that your workspace requires.

Since its first commercial vehicle in 1935, Nissan has grown to become one of the most trusted producers of quality commercial vehicles. The Nissan NV Mobile Office is one among the Company’s most popular lines in the markets and is designed to work as an effective, portable workstation. Its unique design and contemporary features enables you to carry out a slew of administrative works on the road with the same efficiency as in a fully functional office space, all without the hassles of working in an office!


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