Utility Hooks – Brilliant Caravan Organization Tips

The caravan is a perfect mobile home or home far from home. It can hold the entire house and deliver comfort if it is properly organized. You do not have to travel in a clattered or packed caravan. You need to invest in excellent organization tools including utility hooks, collapsible packaging materials and shelves, among others. Here are the options to consider.
  • Collapsible Products
These are the items to be transported in the van. There are collapsible ironing boards, laundry hampers and even clotheshorses. These are excellent options when you want to reduce the space required to pack. Once you fold the board, it will even fit below the bed or on your rails. Without collapsing it, the lower area will take up most of the space. Invest in utensil trays and drawer dividers to save space.
  • Buy a Bunch of Hooks
Utility hooks have been referred to as inventors of space. They make you unveil spaces in your van that you never thought existed. They provide a place to hang such items as utensils, keys, bags, etc. In fact, most of these items came with a provision in the form of a hole where you hang the hook.
There are permanent hooks as well as temporary ones. Unless you wish to convert your van permanently, you should opt for the temporary ones. Since not items can be hanged on hooks, you may use bags and put items that do not have hook provisions inside.

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