Why it’s Important to Have the Right Ladder Roof Racks in Place

If technicians have to haul a 40 foot ladder, then roof mounting is paramount given that such ladders wouldn’t fit inside a van. While ladder roof racks work well for large ladders, they still present a number of disadvantages.

First, large ladders raise the vans height which in turn affects clearance and limits access to driveway facilities. There are also a lot of hidden costs when it comes to roof mounted ladders. Additionally, they have a negative effect on productivity given their exposure to increment weather such as ice and snow. Drivers will also be required to clean them up before entering any residential home.

Evaluating the best ladder roof rack for your vehicle

If you are looking for the right ladder roof rack for your vehicle, you need to consider factors such as the vehicle roof height, need for accessibility and storage. Proper ladder selection is crucial since it impacts on the workers safety, cargo capacity and productivity.

Source: http://americanvanequipment.tumblr.com/post/161197413430/why-its-important-to-have-the-right-ladder-roof


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