The Ultimate Truck Ladder Rack Buying Guide

The main reason why truck ladder racks are popular is because they enhance the capacity of your truck by between 500 and 1200 pounds. They are ideal for such heavy and unconventional uses as transportation of pipes, poles, sheets, and ladders, among others. Most ladder racks are made of steel or aluminum. Depending on the material you choose, it’s safer and more convenient to transport certain equipment.

How to choose it for your truck

Truck ladder racks come in different brands and styles. Here are some of the issues you need to consider when selecting it for your truck.

Installation Design

Truck ladder racks will usually come in a wide range of setup options. There are those that are traditionally bolted on the truck and once installed cannot be removed. They are also temporary but secure methods of installing racks. Permanent racks are more secure and offer greater load capacity compared to quick installation and temporary racks. Permanent racks might require the body of your truck to be drilled, an endeavor that should be reserved for professionals. Further, drilling cuts through the truck, exposing the metallic surface underneath which is highly susceptible to rust.

When it comes to temporary or quick installation racks, they are easier to set up and dismantle after use. They also fold down for storage making them occupy less space. If you are looking to use your ladder more often or carry heavy loads, then it is advisable to go for permanent racks.

Corrosion Resistance

Regardless of the feature, it’s important to ensure that it’s protected against rust or corrosion. If your racks begin to rust then their load bearing capacity is compromised which demands for a replacement. That is why homemade racks are not recommended. First, they are highly susceptible to rust and are not professionally and structurally designed to bear heavy load.

Consider the nature of its construction

These are designed as light or heavy weight depending on the material and use. It can be lightweight to ensure quick and easy setup or heavy duty so as to bear heavy load. These being lightweight does not necessarily mean they are not strong enough. The production of lightweight racks is meant to ensure easy and quick set-up. The construction design you go for depends on how you intend to use the racks on your truck. If you looking at this that are easily dismantled, you will highly benefit from lightweight racks. However if you need to set-up your rack and never dismal then heavyweight would come in handy for durability purposes.

Mounting System

Truck owners have the option of choosing these that are either placed on truck beds or on top of their vehicle. Side ladder racks can be fitted on the side or bed of the vehicle. This ensures easy access given that they provide ample space for equipment and supplies. Truck owners also need to evaluate whether they need permanent or temporary mounting system installed on their vehicles.

Evaluate the type of Material

You have the option of aluminum or the durable steel when it is time to choose. However, it is important to note that they come with different features, configurations and price point steel ladder racks are more expensive compared to aluminum making them suitable for permanent attachments. Aluminum on the other hand, is less susceptible to rust during winter or autumn. If you are looking to install steel racks, consider having a sturdy vehicle that is able to withstand the heavy metal weight. Given the lightweight nature of aluminum it is easier to lift and carry on the go.

Consider different rack style

It is important to have the right rack fitted for your vehicle model. Before purchasing truck ladder racks, evaluate whether it’s the right fit for you vehicle model. Also, consider if it’s suitable for holding equipment or materials in place at high speeds on highways or slower speeds on country roads.


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