Why You Should Select the Right Utility Body Ladder Racks

Your pick up truck is best utilized when it can carry your cargo to the preferred destination. Therefore, fitting your ride with a ladder rack increases its space and the items it can carry. There are different options when it comes to choosing utility body ladder racks. Here is a guide that will enable you get the best rack for your pickup truck.

Over bed racks

Your truck is spacious enough to carry items like toolboxes, gas cans and coolers, but the longer truck beds have own shortcomings when taking up extra load. With over bed Utility Body Ladder Racks, have a chance to add up to 1000lbs above the normal carrying capacity of your truck. They give you ample space to organize such unconventional cargo as canoes, kayaks or lumber. Over-bed racks from industry leaders such as Tracrac and hauler come with secure tie downs and adjustable ports which ensures safe hauling of any item.

Over cab racks

If you are coordinating a jobsite or taking on a weekend renovation then over-cab utility body ladder racks should come in handy. They transform your truck into a double-decker with plenty of space for supplies such as copper pipes, kayaks or off-road accessories. They are available in mid and full sizes and are easy to install.

Van and shell racks

Although your vans interior provides a great storage space, it’s still restrictive of what goes in. Setting up a van rack on top of your wagon makes it more convenient to load oversized or loose items that would otherwise not fit inside. Given the racks durability and lightweight cross arm, the additional roof provides an extra carrying capacity of up to 1000lbs. Most of the vans come with adjustable features that are set to the width of your ride. This helps in securing your cargo and provides the truck drivers with the security and additional elements benefits of the van without compromising on the utility of the truck bed.

Heavy duty truck Racks

The heavy duty truck racks give you the added option of transporting any cargo right from a few ladders to large kayaks. Compared to other rack types, the heavy duty racks come with an added carrying capacity of 800 pounds. Their sizes are easy to adjust making them fit on any truck regardless of its dimensions.

The side Mount truck ladder rack

The advantage of side mount trucks is that it gives room for carrying other items within the conventional body. They are most common in construction or fleet vehicles. They come with hardware to bolt down to your truck which in turn increases stability. Additionally, their arms are adjustable from 19 to 34 inches making it easier to hold most type of ladders. The challenge of using these racks is that they are adjustable and smaller compared to full size utility ones.

The Aluminum ladder racks for trucks

With the aluminum body ladder racks, you need to worry less about drilling holes in your bed since it comes with an axis mounting clamp. This makes it easier to remove without damaging the rails or truck bed. Another advantage is the fact that it’s made of rust-resistant aluminum which keeps away water from the bars. It also weighs approximately 50 pounds which is light for most trucks.

What to look out for when buying a ladder for your truck

If you are shopping for a ladder for your truck, whether it’s for use on a day to day basis or when you going to haul accessories like your canoe, you need to ensure that it suits your needs. The good thing about utility body ladder racks is that they allow you to haul long items which would otherwise not fit in your bed. It is not worth trying to make improvements on your vehicle and still not get the services you desired. It is best if you select any of the above recommended rack system and settle for a utility ladder rack that will last and meet your expectations as well.


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