How RAM Accessories Can Make Your Van Better

One can’t help but be in awe of the Batmobile and marvel at everything it can do. We can only dream of owning a car like that, because after all, it is fictional. However, you could probably come close if you enhanced your RAM with the right accessories.

Now I know what you are thinking. How in the world can my RAM ever bear even the slightest likeness to a car as cool as the Batmobile? Well the answer is it can’t! But the next best thing is to transform it into a vehicle that can do a lot more than a plain old RAM Accessories.

Want to find out how? Read on!

  1. Rack Top Carries

Any van will find itself in need of more space at one point or another. On days when you are transporting more than usual, it is always helpful to be able to convert your roof space into storage. These rack top carries do just that. And on days when you don’t need it, you can mount something cool up there to make people think a superhero van is coming!

  1. Truck Box

This is an absolute must have accessory for any RAM. You obviously have a RAM because of the kind of work you do. They are large, spacious and perfect for carrying around large materials and equipment safely. Truck boxes provide a safe and cozy storage space for the more valuable materials that you want protected from theft and harsh weather. Moreover, they are large (and shiny) in most cases and can make your RAM accessories look pretty cool.

  1. Rotation Ladder Rack

This is a great tool and you can quite easily pass off as a member of the A-Team with one of these. This rotation ladder rack allows you to use your ladder on either side of the van with utmost ease.

  1. Phone and Tablet Mounts

Yes. We know you use your phone and/or tablet when you drive. And your excuse is probably that you need it for navigation. And that’s fine. But investing in a mount for your RAM can make you a responsible superhero who isn’t distracted because he doesn’t have to hold his device in his hand.

  1. Laptop Stand

Now these are something else. We are in a time where every electronic device is better if it is smaller because it is easier to carry around. But, these RAM laptop stands look like something from the future. They may be large and bulky but they look exactly like something you would see a spy using to hack some major network. Once of the coolest RAM accessories out there, if you ask us.

  1. Halogen Work Lights

We have saved the best for last. These halogen work lights have a 400,000 candle power bulb and can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally with a remote! Yes. Not only do they look cool, they also give you light as bright as the sun and can be controlled with a remote. What more do you need in a light?

There are millions (okay not really millions, but a lot) of companies out there that provide car accessories to enhance the functionally of your vehicle. It is however important to purchase your accessories from a reliable retailer. It is also advisable to buy products that come with a warranty.

American Van, a Van and Truck equipment manufacturer a direct retailer offers ton of cool accessories for all types of work vans and trucks. So if you want to transform your RAM accessories van or truck into something from the future, it is worth paying their website a visit. You can buy anything you want from the comfort of your own couch!


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