How to Choose a Box Truck Storage That is Right for You

Owning a pickup truck or a van is quite essential to certain trades. Contractors, tradesmen and handymen depend heavily on their trucks in order to be able to deliver their services effectively. Most often, they have to cart around heavy tools and machinery in addition to other equipment and space organizing accessories like truck boxes come in mighty handy.

When choosing the right one for your vehicle there are a few things to consider:

  • What Is My Vehicle Type?

The first and most important thing to consider is your vehicle type. Depending on whether you have a pickup truck or a box van your options in Box Truck Storage will change.

  • How Much Load Can My Vehicle Endure?

Another very important aspect to think about is what kind of load your vehicle is built to endure. If you install a very heavy tool box and then load it with heavy tools, you will be carting this around wherever you go.

Additionally you will carry other equipment and materials around with your which will add to the load. This constant heavy load will put too much stress on your engine and could cause it to give out sooner than you’d like. So carefully consider the weight capacity of your vehicle before you make a choice.

  • What Do I Want To Store ?

Truck boxes come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. Choosing the right one will be easier once you know what you want to store in it. If it is just small tools, you may not need a heavy duty t Box Truck Storage. Or on the flip side, if you have a lot of equipment that needs to be stashed away safely, you should consider a larger truck box.

  • Where Do I Want To Mount?

Different Box Truck Storage can be mounted either inside, outside or under the truck. Depending on your space availability, decide where you want to fix your toolbox and this will help narrow down your options considerably.

Once you have answered all these questions, you can then move on to taking a look at your available options:

  • The Side Toolbox

This is a type of truck box that is attached to the side rail of your vehicle and does not come in contact with the floor at all. This allows you to save on precious floor space. It is also a very convenient design for easy access.

  • The Hitch Toolbox

This is a more portable style of toolbox. Which means it isn’t really mounted permanently onto any part of the vehicle. It can be moved and carried around as and when required. It uses the trailer post to attach and the only drawback is that as long as the box is fixed, you wouldn’t be able to haul a trailer.

  • The Cross Bed Toolbox/ Saddle Box

This truck box is put at the back of the vehicle and usually leaves space on the floor as it latches onto the sides of the truck quite securely. They are usually made according to the length of a van.

  • Tailgate Toolbox

It is a small toolbox that attaches to the tailgate.

  • The Sliding Toolbox

This toolbox slides effortlessly along the sliding rails allowing you to use as much or as little space as you want.

  • Different Lids

Truck boxes come with different lid styles as well. Depending on your box truck storage needs and what you want to access you can get a single, double or sliding lid tool box.

American Van is an online truck and van accessories retailer. They have a huge variety of things including truck boxes at pleasant rate. So before you make a decision about which truck box you want, pay them a visit!


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