Truck Bed Tool Boxes: Which is the Right One for Me?

Is the truck your office? Most technicians will admit that serving clients without the truck would be a nightmare. However, truck bed tool boxes solved the puzzle by providing a convenient way to transport all tools to any destination. However, each technician or truck has unique needs. How then do you decide that this is the right box for me and the other is not right?

  • The Style

There are two general styles of tool boxes. One is the cross box which is also referred to as saddle box while the other is the chest style. The chest comes with drawers or compartments that can be opened on the side. However, the cross box only provides a single or few large compartments. Each variety has unique advantages and disadvantages depending on your work environment. Choosing the right truck bed tool boxes makes your work easier and convenient.

  • Is it Secure?

Evaluate the level of security you need for your tools. The level will be determined by your work environment and the tools involved. To guarantee security of your tools in the box, consider the material to use and the security mechanism like locks and padlocks. Truck bed tool boxes are also fastened on the truck or installed in a way that they can be removed when the need arises. A light material will be easy to break which may lead to loss of equipment. Light material may also cause tools inside the box to perforate the walls leading to damage and loss.

  • Exposure to Weather

The design of truck bed tool boxes determines whether the tools stored inside will be exposed to weather elements or not. Exposing metallic tools to weather will cause damage through corrosion. You therefore need a box that is tight and secures your tools from weather at all cost. Protection from weather is an element of design as well as material used.

Ensure that the lid is tight enough and drains water outside the box. The material should also not be easy to perforate that sharp tools will damage the walls leading to weather exposure. Avoid light materials or mesh when constructing a tool box. The quality and professionalism in fixing latches will also determine whether your tools are exposed to the weather.

  • Is it Convenient to Use?

You can hold your tools in any box. However, the convenience of opening and closing may make you hate the box a great deal. The latches and locks will also determine how convenient it is to use your box. Check the quality of your locks. You do not need to exert pressure in order to use the box. Where there are gas lifts, they should feel weak or cause trouble when opening. It should also be easy to close the box. If you have to use force in order to open, it will be a great inconvenience to use the box.

  • What Material Will Be Used?

There are numerous materials used in manufacture of truck bed tool boxes. Steel is the most common choice because of its strength. It is difficult for one to break into your box when you have used steel. It is also highly resistant to corrosion and thus can withstand all weather conditions. There are other metals like iron that may be enhanced using paint and oil.

However, you will have an uphill task of fighting rust when this paint or oil peels. Other lighter materials like aluminum may be damaged by heavy tools or cause thieves to break into the box. However, with an aluminum box, you are dealing with less weight which is preferable if your worry is not rust or security. The cost of steel truck bed tool boxes is also high compared to any other material.

  • Price

The features you want in a box are available at a price. The price of truck bed tool boxes is determined by several factors including the material used, its size, type and quality of lock, and other features like attachment and compartments, among other factors. The brand or fabrication store will also determine the price. Consider your budget and get a box that meets your needs.

The best truck bed tool boxes near me can only be determined by how well they serve your needs. Shop from different fabricators for quotations and compare the prices to ensure that you get value for money. Be specific on the features and ensure that they are captured in the contract. Work with an experienced truck bed tool boxes fabricator to guarantee quality.


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