Tools to Maximize Space in Your Box Truck

Box trucks are known for their ample cargo space and are typically used to move around large objects. They are either used as appliance delivery vans or as moving vehicles by moving companies. Apart from being able to haul furniture across cities, these vans can offer a lot more to private owners or smaller agencies. They can be used as mobile offices, service vans (plumbing, wiring, cable repair, etc.) or pretty much anything else.

So, if you own a box truck and are wondering how to make the best use of the space it offers, here are some great accessories and box truck equipment ideas that you can use to optimize the space in your truck.

  1. Modular Storage Units

Modular storage units are a very popular accessory for box trucks and service vans. They are a great solution for compact yet efficient use of space. These units can be bought as is or can be custom made for you by the manufacturer. You can ask for any combination of drawers, shelves and cabinets depending on your storage needs. The size and depth of the drawers, shelves and cabinets are also customizable. These units allow you to store all your stuff away neatly, while still leaving plenty of room in the van for other accessories, equipment and comfortable seating. It is definitely worth considering installing a few, if not one of these units in your service van.

  1. Door Organizers

These are nifty racks or shelves that can be mounted onto the door of your truck or van to be used as storage. Think of them along the same lines as refrigerator door racks. Use them to store tools, manuals, tubs, cans, spray bottles, tape or anything that requires quick and easy access. The best part about these door organizers is that they are compact, don’t take up any floor space inside the van and allow for quick and easy access to tools and equipment on the job. Just open, grab and go!

  1. Truck Boxes

Truck boxes have been used by many a repair man over the years. Truck boxes provide a secure space to store tools and items that you would rather not have rolling around in the back of your van. They have compact spaces inside, designed specifically to safely hold equipment like drills, cables and other hardware tools. Truck boxes can be installed anywhere in the van or truck. You can also choose to have one installed underneath the truck or van bed to save space inside your truck. These boxes are completely secure and protect the equipment that is stored inside from damage by external elements.

  1. Book Racks

Yet another nifty tool for space management, these book racks are pretty neat. These are light, aluminum racks that contain angled slats in which you can store books and papers. Most of them are made for wall mounting to maximize on floor space inside the van. These are great for storing important documents, bills, files and other customer records that you would need to refer to on an everyday basis on the job.

The best news is that most box truck equipments are interchangeable. Which means you can use truck boxes in vans just as easily as you can use them in trucks. Carrying around equipment, backup equipment, tools, etc. is one thing, and having all this neatly organized at the back of your van is another. With the help of these simple accessories you can have your van nearly organized and optimized for space in no time.


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