A Small Guide to Ford Transit Connect Shelving

Ford Transit Connect is a very functional van, especially for commercial uses. It looks like a hybrid between a commercial van and an SUV, yet it outperforms most of its competitors in its range!

Despite its unconventional looks, it is an absolute delight when being used for commercial purposes, more so if one installs the right set of Ford transit connect shelving. No longer will the driver or user be in awe of the clutter within the van. For instance, if the van belongs to a technician or service contractor, plumber, electrician or TV mechanic, these storage solutions would make finding the right set of tools quick and easy. This in turn reduces the amount of time a technician / service provider spends on a single project.

Odd looking, but utilitarian

The odd looks of the Ford Transit Connect is not limited to its exteriors alone, but is also evident in the cargo area. It is just as tall as most standard commercial vans, but what sets it apart from its peers is the low floor feature. This offers increased storage space, without increasing the overall height of the van. The spacious interiors makes it suitable for a variety of commercial uses, especially for a dog grooming establishment, florist, small catering services, etc.

For more information visit: http://americanvanequipment.tumblr.com/post/158620691000/a-small-guide-to-ford-transit-connect-shelving


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