Security Locks to Safeguard Your Sprinter Vans

Sprinter vans are mainly used for carrying passengers and cargo around. These vans are very useful in your daily work and have a huge amount of space to carry cargo to long distances. When the cargo is taken around they are insured to be safe from any kind of loss or damage. Similarly, a sprinter van also needs security for saving the cargo from being mishandled or stolen.

Though the van manufacturing company provides the security locks and it is safe to travel via the sprinter vans with a lot of luggage; but sometimes you may need the additional lock for your perusal. This is just a precautionary measure that is taken by the owner to keep them away from uncertainties. There are many kinds of sprinter van security lock that need your attention and should be fixed on your vans as soon as possible.

Let us first understand the needs of the sprinter van security locks.

Need of the Security Locks

  • Sprinter vans are used to transport people and cargo which are very important and can be a threat for their lives and for any expensive items that they carry with them.

  • If the cargo is left unattended in the van; it should be protected from all aspects.

  • The locks should be strong and should not be broken even after repeated attempts which can be with the factory fitted locks.

The security locks come in many designs and are available in both genuine and first copy versions. You need to understand the quality it has and choose accordingly. The better quality will provide a longevity which is useful in this case.All these locks come with a no drill feature where your main factory drilled holes work to install the locks.It is manufactured with a lot of precision to give you the right usage and that too at reasonable rates.

There are many kinds of security locks available in the market. Let us look at these sprinter van security locks in detail.

Slick Locks Hasp Lock System

The slick locks hasp lock system is one of the best ways to stay safe. It is an easy to install system which can be done on your own. You do not need to make extra holed on the body of the van as the locks can be installed on the factory holes only. It fits to almost all the vans available in the market. It is a drill free installation and does not fade away or gets rusted at any given point of time.

The blade brackets meet with each other when the doors are closed. These ends have holes made in them to be used by cylinder locks. These prove to best the easy way to be secure. The rubber casing should be either cut from the lock section or be screwed into the lock for a better functioning.Also, you should ensure that you buy genuine products as they come in handy and come with a warranty in case of any uncertainty.

Slick Locks Spinner

With the cylinder locks, you can also install the slick locks spinner. This product turns your cylinder lock into a bearing which just keeps on rotating and prohibits the lock from being broken. A small keyhole is available for the lock to function smoothly. So, find the right model for your sprinter van and you are all set to keep your cargo safe from any kind of uncertainty.

Security Hasp and Cylinder Lock

The security hasp and cylinder lock has a 6 pin pro series to keep your van completely safe. It is also made of heavy duty steel which is resistant to corrosion. This is the need of the hour as the locks will always be facing outdoors and may corrode easily due to the different seasons. It has a cylinder shield and lock which keep it safe in any situation. Just install the lock and shield on the door trim and move around without any difficulty. The Cylinder shield and lock is sold separately and should be purchased as per the requirement.

The locks come in many sizes depending on the kind of van and locks they have installed. This makes it easy for the user to buy the product accordingly and will also save them from drilling holes into the body of the van and make it look shabby. You will need to use the nuts and bolts supplied with the locks as they will provide better safety.

The factory fitted bolts will no longer be useful as they will not be able to accommodate the security locks purchased externally. The accessories for sprinter vans are many, but the useful ones should be used to ensure you do not waste money over them unnecessarily. These accessories provide utility to the vehicle making it more robust for use.

Since sprinter vans are used majorly for work and must carry cargo and other things around; there are chances that the cargo may be stolen. The sprinter vans are very popular for moving cargo from one place to the other and act as transportation logistic. You will not regret purchasing them as the utility they provide is unmatched. So, go ahead and get a sprinter van security lock for your use as soon as possible.


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