Get Your Dodge Van Lightened Up

You have bought a Dodge van and are all geared up to get it accessorised. A Dodge van can be used for multiple uses and comes in handy on many occasions. But what use will it be if the accessories are not as expected? The most basic requirement in a Dodge van is the lighting so that all the things can be envisioned properly. But do you go about Dodge lighting? Well, there are many accessories that help in lighting up the dodge van. These are easily available at any automobile shop and websites that deals in accessories. So let us look at some more information on Dodge lighting to get the basics right.

Need of Dodge Lighting

  • A Dodge light can be used while you drive at night on the highways or at the outskirts of the town.

  • You may find many Dodge lights that are fitted to the van for better vision and to work inside the vehicle.

  • A RAM van can be useful for many things only if it is all decked up with the required accessories such as lighting.

Types of Dodge Lighting

Dodge lighting come in many sizes and shapes and are put to different uses. You can choose from the list of lighting accessories so that the RAM van can be accessorised. It is best to decide upon the right size and lights so that when you work with your van it becomes easy. A clear vision helps you to work closely and with precision and hence the lights are one of the most important accessories. However, they also pose to offer a good presentation to the onlookers. So let us look at the types of lightings.

  • Premium LED Cargo Lights

LED lights are picking up fast in all the lighting markets. This has also come in the automobile industry with the van cargo lighting. They are a 12 Volt DC LED light set which provides a lighting equivalent to 4560 Lumens of clean and clear light to see the cargo better. The housing of these LED lights is made out of aluminium and the diffuser lenses do not get yellow even after regular and long usage. They provide full brightness within seconds and are capable of working in temperatures such as -40 degrees F and to a maximum of 212 degrees F. The lights work on switches or can be operated with the OEM cargo lights as well. They can also help in saving the battery life of the vehicle these lights can be reduced to work at 30% brightness or more also. A 3-year replacement or repair warranty makes it a good accessory.

  • Go Light Radio Ray Halogen Work Lights

These lights have the power to illuminate just as the 400,000 candlepower halogen bulb. They are controlled at finger tips by wired or wireless remote which allows it to rotate 360 degrees on a horizontal axis and at 135 degrees vertical angle. They come in a mounting shoe which can be fitted to the van and can also be fitted wherever required. The suction cup bottom allows it to be mounted temporarily. Since they are placed on the exterior of the vehicle they can bear salt water and extreme weather conditions as well. They can be used to focus on anything that is coming in the way or may be useful to work when in dark.

  • Commercial Grade LED Flood Lights

The extremely bright LED flood lights can be mounted at any part of the vehicle and can offer better vision during work time. They are so compact that space is never a constraint for them. The make of these flood lights is tough and are ready for rough use. They have large cooling ribs which offer optimized distribution of heat and are shock and water proof. They come in two varieties i.e. 90 and 1400 lumens and can be mounted on a surface or even on a pedestal. The LED Flood lights have a two-year warranty which makes them a good choice.

  • Maxxima Rechargeable LED Work Flood Lights

Since the van is mobile and can be used to travel; similarly the lights should also be able to move around for better vision. They are a lithium battery powered set of lights which recharge when required. It has a life span of 30 thousand hours and is available in 800 and 1550 Lumens. They can be charged from the cigarette lighter socket and have the power to be safe from ingress of water. It can be used for up to 4 hours when charged for a maximum of 5 hours. It is protected with a one year warranty in case of any technical issues.

  • Cab Dome Light

You may require some additional illumination in the van and the Cab Dome Light is the best for such use. It is a standard 12v and offers a good throw of light for general use. It can be mounted right above the driver’s seat to offer brightness in case of any paperwork or while reading manuals. It can be wired to the lighting system of the vehicle or attached to the existing dome light. It works on a separate switch for easy accessibility.

  • Highlighter Mini Rotator Light Bar

This light is permanently fitted above the roof on the exterior of the van. It offers an amazing warning signal with only 8 amps. It has 110 watts or 144,000 candle power as the output and has 285 flashes per minute when operates in a rotational direction. It is a great accessory when you work in an environment that needs the attention of the vehicle coming over.

  • Off Road Light Bracket

The Off road light brackets can affix 4 LED mounted lights and can be easily installed on the bracket. They offer a good off road experience and make a necessary accessory for users who keep on visiting off road routes.

All these Dodge Lighting accessories make your dodge van; ready to use the vehicle in most situations. However, it is necessary to gauge the requirements as per your usage and then invest in such accessories. Also, ensure that you buy genuine accessories to get better service and warranty as well.


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