Top Varieties of Box Truck Equipment

A box truck or cube van has a large cargo area. Since these vans and trucks are generally used as moving trucks or for hauling of furniture and appliances, there are a lot of box truck equipments that can be used to make them functionally useful.

As an owner of a box truck, you must be looking at ways to optimize the storage in the space available. You can use a lot of equipments,tools and storage material to create an organized space. This equipment is the perfect choice as you have many options to choose from based on your requirements.

Selecting a Equipment

It truly helps you organize the space and enjoy the extra storage for your benefit. While selecting any box truck equipment, it is important to consider some selection criteria. The equipment needs to be heavy-duty and should provide warranty from about three to five years. Another important factor is that it should be moisture-resistant as well as dust-resistant preferably. If the drawers are made for storage from durable material and come in multiple sizes, you can make an apt choice based on how much you want to spend and how much you wish to use the equipment.

Some of the best hand-picked box truck equipments are listed below:

  1. Trailer Box: If you are looking for storage to organize your tools or other important accessories in a lockable and weather-resistant box, the trailer box is the right box truck equipment for you. A good quality branded trailer box provides high strength and great lid design. These boxes are made up of long-lasting stainless steel hook latch which works well in all weather conditions.

New features such as self-rising lid can provide easy access to the trailer box even from the side. There are a number of sizes available and can be chosen based on the need and the size of the truck.

  1. Topside Box: A branded topside box can offer long term reliability on being fully welded. It provides great strength and can be utilized for on-the-job use of any type. To prevent any moisture to the stored material topside box is fitted with reinforced rain gutter doors. They are provided with a three-point locking system for securing the doors from all sides.

The topside boxes available in both aluminum and steel material and the size could be decided based on the storage need and correct size of this equipment.  It is fitted with stainless steel rotating T-Handle which provides reinforced cam lock, with a sealed dish and double bit key cylinder. There is a mounting kit with tough support legs and coated galvanized steel aircraft cable to support the pivot on stainless steel rivets are both included with each box.

  1. Gull Wing Crossover Box: If you are looking to add greater top-to-bottom depth storage then the crossover style truck tool/storage box is for you. It offers two independent lids from the right and left side. It is further supported between the bed rails of the truck which is behind the cab allowing easier access to the storage inside the box from both, the passenger and the driver. Even when your hands are full the box can be secured by with slight manual pull and the self-closing struts close the box. The box is insulated with a micro seal to prevent dust, moisture, and dirt. The lids can be open to ninety degrees for easy loading and unloading of tools.

  1. Heavy-duty Portable Chest: It can provide the on site storage of about 17 cubic feet of space with security, strength and durability and one of the most sole equipment. It is compact and provides a flexible storage solution which is portable. It comes with an embedded lock to prevent any chance of theft. It is easier to carry with the handles on either side of the chest and it even helps in carrying heavy storage material.

It comes with a recessed hinge which allows the lid to open fully, even when the chest is against the wall. The chest comes with full weather stripping to protect the storage material from dust and moisture. It comes in a number of sizes so that you can choose the one that fits your needs and size of the truck.

  1. Underfed Boxes: You can organize your tools and other parts in the drawer of the underbid box. The good thing about this box truck equipment is that it can be mounted on underside or topside of any flatbed truck and also on the bed of your pick up or floor of your van.

Drawers are slotted for better organizing and are divided into three sections and two dividers. Drawers can be moved easily as they are fitted ball bearing slides. It provides high security apart from Titrate OEM quality high-security key cylinders.

  1. Inner side Box: This box has a bed rail topping design which comes with an option that it can be used on its own or it can be clubbed with heavy duty crossover box. To ensure that moisture or dirt does not affect, the storage items it has weather stripping molds around the top of the box.

The box also includes durable support legs along with the complete mounting kit. It comes in options of aluminum and steel and also in a number of sizes which can be chosen based on the storage and size of the trucks.

  1. Stake Bed Top Side Box With Drawers: If you have to carry heavy tools, it offers a top storage for it and below this are two divided drawers which can be used for smaller tools and parts. The doors of the box are made for heavy use and are made up of heavyweight gas struts so the drawers can be opened and closed easily.

Drawers are provided with many dividers, so the number of small tools and storage articles can be stored in an organized way. This box truck equipment works best for handling larger and smaller tools.

The selection is based on how you want to improve and organize your storage in the box truck.


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