Van Shelving and Storage Tips – Utility Hooks and other Van Storage Accessories

Utility hooks, shelves, drawers, racks and other van storage units will enhance your work productivity beyond compare. Install them to see the difference

Regardless of the make and model of your car – whether it is a Ford E-Series, Chevy Express, GMC Savanam, Sprinter, Nissan NV200, Chevy City Express or Ford Transit – extra storage space is always welcome. These days, it is common for auto owners to invest in different kinds of shelving and storage van accessories such as utility hooks, ladder racks, cargo shelves, tool boxes, etc. In all probability, you would also like to get your hands on strong and durable hooks and other storage accessories to keep the interiors of your vehicle more organized.

For instance, by mounting large-sized 4″ I.D. hooks on van walls and shelves, you can be assured of extra hanging space for cords, step ladders, ropes, and so forth. If you are still worried about the aesthetics of these utility hooks then you have little cause for concern as constructed with 3/8″ rods made of high quality steel, these powder coat finished hooks are well-known for their strength, durability and appeal combined. In other words, with such utility based storage accessories and other shelving ideas in place, you can generate more space for the goods that can be hung or stored within your vehicle.

And that’s not all!

If you are planning your commercial cargo van storage zones, especially if you are about to embark on a contracting business, then, designing your storage system may seem to be a cumbersome and time-consuming task. However, to make things easier you may want to break your project into smaller parts related to specific areas of the van that have to be made more storage-friendly. To meet this end, it is a good idea to assess the tasks or functions that are closely related to your profession, gauge the sort of space that you have free on hand, and invest in shelving products accordingly. By making your workspace fall in line with your work processes in advance, you can design your van space more effectively.

In case you are a plumber, electrician, or any other repair & maintenance service provider using your work van for mobile operations, you possibly have a tool chest located in the area that is best suited for your needs. Additionally, your drill press, saws, and other equipment would be spread out as and where they are required. For all practical purposes, you would not be storing your small-sized screwdrivers close to the drill press as they would be better placed near your tool chest or workbench. How do you go about organizing all your stuff to make sure that you can find them without having to waste precious work time? Think utility hooks, shelves, small drawers, racks, and other storage tools to make your life easy.

To make your cargo van storage function efficiently and without complications, you need to analyze your storage capabilities on the basis of different zones. For example, you may think of 5-6 different storage areas for any commercial van in your fleet, these are:

  • The partition area located behind the seats

  • The floor

  • Roof of the van

  • The street side area located behind the seats

  • Street side area available at the back

  • Curbside area at the back, etc.

The very first storage area of your commercial cargo van would relate to the solid partitions or the ones that have a door for getting into the rear of the van. The partition can be used for attaching utility racks, hooks and shelves for keeping your tools and equipment within easy reach. The roofs of commercial cargo vehicles and vans are used for transporting long or larger-sized items. To gain access to this kind of extra storage in your vehicle as well, get an idea of the weight load of the van that you own or drive, and figure out the kind of stuff that you would be carrying on top. There are ladder racks, cargo racks, and utility racks which serve to be useful in safely transporting products on top of the vehicle of your choice.

Though in most cases the longer sized cargo is stored on rooftops of cargo vans, the center of such vans can also be used for storing long items conveniently. This kind of storage system generally encompasses secured tie-down straps that are capable of fitting-in conduits or pipes that are up to ten feet long without any fuss. In the space located directly at the back of your van seats, or that on the street side, you may want to add drawer units or shelving systems for additional storage purposes.

Do ascertain the overall storage needs to get a fair idea about the work space needed for different tasks. As these spaces are located directly opposite to the side doors on the van’s curbside, they prove to be easily accessible spaces for quick tools, equipment or other items. While you are performing a job, a smartly organized shelving system, which has a workstation including catalog file organization, would make it convenient for you to look up all kinds of information.

Going further, you may want to stack up items on the street side of your van; especially those things that need easy access from the rear doors of your vehicle. Here, storage accessories such as a reel holder, tank holders, utility hooks, etc. would be of significant use as they can be accessed from the vehicle’s rear with ease. Also, directly on the rear of the side doors, and on the curb-side portion of the van, you may wish to add lockable drawer units for storing small parts, supplies and infrequently used tools.

As these portions of the cabinet system would be accessible from the back doors as well as the side doors, they are appropriate for hanging utility hook kind of storage system. The divider shelves placed on the sides may also be used for separating small equipment, tools or machinery that you want to secure while driving. Many a times, the floor zone tends to be overlooked when planning the storage areas of a commercial van. If you have a full sized van, you may invest in full pieces of piping, conduit or other long parts that fit ably in your van.

A safer and better-organized van would flaunt a bulkhead in the space present between the load spaces and driving area to offer protection from all the things stored at the back; however, it is important to ensure that the stored items are secured well before driving to prevent any damages or accidents. The larger items are best fixed down with the help of straps or different restraints while the smaller items including materials, tools and supplies can be stacked in deep shelves, racks, shallow shelves, cupboards and other storage accessories. It is also a good idea to label all stored items for easy access to help you find just the item you want, right when required.

At all times, it is well-advised to check out the functionality of all existing and probable cargo van storage areas for increasing the overall functionality of your van or commercial cargo vehicle. The space on hand has to be set up in such a way that it paves the grounds for safer work environment where you may spend your work hours with higher efficiency and ease. Remember, each and every zone of your cargo van is likely to have a different function, and by gauging and planning things in advance you would not allow any area to go to waste; thereby adding volumes to your optimum van storage space.

If you happen to be using your vehicle on a daily basis, it is likely to become messed up with unnecessary tools or equipment that will eventually slow your work processes considerably. In order to enhance your work efficiency and productivity, it is essential to keep the interiors of your vehicle well organized and neat. By sorting out all the available storage areas, you can enjoy increased comfort and productivity. With neatly organized and designed van interiors, you will be in a better position to store a lot more things in the same space, and also get them in good time to address your needs. This in turn would lead to increased customer satisfaction and fewer return visits. More so, a tidy van would always leave a good impression on one and all.


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