What you should Know about Hand-Scraped Hardwood

Every home owner has a unique idea about the kind of floor he wants. This is the idea behind Hand-Scraped Hardwood floor. The name comes from the original way of doing it where wood was prepared using a knife. This was done to preserve the uniqueness of each grain. Paying attention to each piece of wood resulted in unique patterns that give your home a comfortable feel.
There is a difference between hand scraped and distressed wood. Though the process of manufacture is similar, the results vary. Scrapping creates numerous variations on the wood compared to distressed wood. Distressed wood gives an impression that the surface has been exposed to wear and tear. Almost all the time, distressed wood is done using a machine. The resulting marks are therefore more uniform. You are also likely to see fake wormholes on the wood. Hand-scraping gives an impression of wood that has been done by an artisan. Even when done by a machine, the impression remains.
Why Choose Hand Scraped?
There is a growing appeal for hand scraped hardwood floors. This move is informed by an increasing sense of style. As more people embrace wood, they realize the variety that is available and are bold enough to go for this variety. What is informing the growing popularity of this flooring material?

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