How to Choose the Right Roof Rack

A roof rack is an open framework that is attached to the roof of the van. It provides a secure holding area for a variety of items such as ladders, timber, boards, tools, etc. These racks are designed to accommodate a bulky volume of goods, and are extremely handy when there is no space inside the van, or if the equipment you wish to carry are unable to fit inside the storage space of your truck or cargo van. The markets are saturated with a wide variety of roof racks, and the consumer is spoilt for choice based on the different styles, designs, manufacturers and fitments, thus becoming increasingly hard to choose one that suits your needs. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right roof rack for your cargo vans.

Heavy Duty v/s Lightweight

A lightweight rack does not necessarily mean a flimsier version of a heavy duty rack. The advancements in manufacturing technology have enabled manufacturers to produce lightweight, yet robust roof racks. Lightweight racks are generally preferred in cases where detachable roof racks are more applicable; especially in select months across the year. These racks have a set of clamps that enable them hold all stored items securely over the roof of the van, and once the transit is completed, these racks can be removed and stored until the next use. Being light in weight makes it easier for users to handle them at the time of installing and uninstalling the roof racks.

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