Where Should You Use the Sisal Carpet?

As people become more sensitive to the health of their living spaces and environmental sustainability, they have resulted to using the natural fiber sisal carpet. This is a departure from the use of nylon fiber whose raw material is fossil fuel. Sisal is made from renewable materials creating the greenest and most sustainable flooring option. Why has the popularity of sisal grown so fast? To understand this, lets look at the pros and cons of choosing sisal.

Pros of Using a Carpet Made of Sisal

  • Natural Fiber

Sisal fiber is a natural which makes it free of any toxic elements. It is therefore the perfect material for people with allergies and asthma. The fabric is not classified under volatile organic materials which enhances air quality within your home.

  • Durable

Sisal carpet ranks top among the most durable flooring options. It not only beats the other natural carpeting fabrics but on its own right, it is impressively resilient. The fibers are incredibly strong and tough. This explains why sisal is used on marine ropes and baling twines. Sisal has also been chosen as the eco-friendly replacement for asbestos and fiber glass in the auto industry.

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