Why a Box Truck Ladder Rack is an Essential Accessory on your Truck?

Box truck ladder rack systems come in a broad variety of features and styles. You will get full racks, half racks, as well as sliding racks. These racks are usually made of aluminum or steel tubing and some can carry loads of up to 800 pounds. However, the weight that a certain ladder rack can carry will depend on the specific model and type that you choose. It has a variety of uses such as transporting ladders, transporting tools and equipment, as well as transporting recreation items like kayaks and surfboards.

Besides offering these benefits, box truck ladder rack systems offer a variety of benefits not only for the truck owner, but also for other road users. Installing this system on your truck helps to free up more space in the truck’s cabin and interior. The additional space can be used to store and transport other items or tools and equipment. These accessories also help to ensure safety of the driver, his/her truck, and the safety of other vehicles on the road because cargo can be safely fastened on the racks such that the cargo cannot be thrown in the air in the event of an accident.


Ladders often need to be moved from one location to another, but their size usually makes it hard to transport them. If the truck or van you are using for work is not big enough, then you need some kind of ladder rack for your vehicle. There is a wide selection for various ladders as well as different trucks and vans. However, before you select any type of ladder rack for your van or truck, it is important to understand why you need the equipment, and whether it is ideal for your truck.

Common Uses

It is important accessory for different construction contractors, carpenters, plumbers, and numerous other professionals in various niches. Although the name of the equipment may suggests, it can actually be used for hauling a lot more than just ladders, increasing your truck’s usability or potential. For instance, this system is a great tool for use in recreation activities like kayaking and surfing. Additionally, the piece of equipment allows you to store and other items like pipes, construction tools, and obviously ladders. In short, these accessories are essential for anyone with a box truck which is normally used to transport ladders along with other tools or items.

How they are Made and Installation

Typically, a system is made of aluminum or steel tubing and rack system. The racks are usually mounted on the roof or side of the truck, and they can either cover a fraction or the entire length and area of the truck. They are designed to hold heavy loads and some can safely hold up to 700 pounds of items. However, the weight that a ladder rack can carry will depend on the particular model and type of the box truck ladder rack you are selecting.

What are some of the Benefits of Box Truck Ladder Racks?

  • Create more space: These systems provide your truck with additional space to load more cargo because they allow you to load items in stacks. The accessory will save you the need of storing ladders in the back of your truck. Since you can store loads or cargo overhead at varying levels of the rack system, you free up the truck’s cabin and interior space for other things. You can make use of the free space by storing other cargo, or your other equipment and tools.

  • Additional Safety: These systems help to ensure safety not only for the driver and his/her vehicle, but also for other cars on the road. The roll-over protection minimizes the risk of injury to the driver in the event of a road accident. Since the cargo is tightly fastened to the ladder rack, there will be minimal risk of the items being thrown in the air and shattering the rear window. Additionally, if the things that need to be loaded are longer in length that the truck’s bed cannot fit in, ladder racks are the perfect answer. The items can be firmly fastened to the racks in such a way that they will not pose any safety hazard for you and other road users.


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