Improving Storage Efficiency with Ford Transit Partitions

Installing Ford transit partitions is one of the best ways to give your van interiors added structural edge. It helps increase storage efficiency as well. Read on to know more about the benefits of installing van partitions.

Ford Transit is well known for its robust hull and efficient design, and is nothing short of the flagship model for modern commercial vans. The interiors are highly customizable, and are surely a feast for the eyes. More so, with its storage area being placed in the back, this model gives a great deal of space leverage to its users. Everyone from cable layers, carpenters, plumbers, gardeners and other small business staff can have the storage space redesigned and refitted with suitable furnishings to improve storage space. Different businesses have different storage needs, thus installing well planned Ford Transit partitions will help make the act of storing cargo and equipment easy.

Installing partitions

Van partitions are generally used as a broad term to define bulkhead partitions. However, you can have internal partitions that help set up different sections within a cargo area, thus giving well-organized storage spaces. These are usually premade, although you can have them custom made if you have very special requirements. However, standard van partitions are sufficient for most businesses, and are cheaper than most custom made ones. These partitions are generally available in two distinctive types – temporary partitions and permanent partitions.

Permanent partitions

Permanent Ford Transit partitions are fitted on the hull using bolts or welds. These are rigid structures that are designed to stay put permanently and become an integral part of a Ford van. If you have very specific long term needs, then these partitions are surely the right way to go. Citing an example, if you are a gardener, and need a separate section to store your shovels, then installing a permanent partition is recommended, because you will always need a separate, and designated place for safe keeping your tools. Since such permanent partitions are easy to install and require fewer installation materials, they are cheaper than their temporary counterparts.

The only downside of installing permanent fittings is that you will have to drill through the walls of the van in order to bolt these partitions. Thus, you will have to paint the holes sufficiently to avoid moisture from getting in direct contact with bare metal, which can increase the chances of rust formation taking place, thereby damaging the metal.

Temporary partitions

Temporary partitions are fitted to the hull of the vehicle with the help of detachable clamps and associated fixtures. Since they are easily removable, you can customize the storage space in your van to move different types of goods with ease. For example, if you are a carpenter, and need to transport a large consignment of timber, you can just detach a couple of shelves and partitions to make room for the timber.

Despite the simple design, the installation process brings with it the same problems associated with permanent partitions. Although you fit the partitions planes to the clamps on the walls of the van, these clamps themselves will have to be permanently fitted to the van body. This also involves drilling through the van body, thus risking exposing metal to moisture which can result in rust.

Another reason that makes temporary transit partitions a costly option is the need of expert installation. Most permanent partitions have a simple design and can be installed by novices, as long as one possesses the appropriate tools. With temporary partition installations, however, one has to make exact measurements and have the clamps set up in exact locations in order to make installing and detaching these partitions easy. Any goof up in fitting the clamps can result in improper partition installation, which can actually be harmful to the van and the cargo in the long run.

Weight distribution

One of the most important things to consider when installing Ford Transit partitions is the weight distribution. An even weight distribution across the van offers multiple benefits, such as an even tyre wear, reliable engine efficiency, improved stability, especially when driving on treacherous terrains and wet roads.

The partitions themselves add a considerable amount weight. Thus you need to design the interior partitions in such a manner that it maintains equal weight across the cargo hold of the van.

Make and design

Transit partitions for Ford are made from sturdy, robust metals such as steel or aluminum. The thickness of the partition varies depending on your needs; however, they operate on similar principles none the less. Aluminum is one of the most popular materials used in the construction of such partitions, owing to its attractive weight to strength ratio. Despite being extremely light weight, it does offer an excellent protection and is capable of carrying heavy loads with ease. Steel is used in places when added protection is required, and is quite popular in the manufacture of bulk partitions. Apart from solid partitions you can also invest in a variety of perforated plates and mesh designs to give your partitions a contemporary look, especially in places where sturdiness is not essential.

Bulk partitions

Bulk partitions are installed at the separation between the driver’s area and the cargo hold. This thick plate keeps the cargo in the back and the driver’s area separated, thus keeping the drive free of any accidents that may occur due to improperly secured cargo in the back. It also offers excellent protection from attempted thefts, especially if the van is left unattended when the technician is engrossed in his work.

The bulk head partition effectively seals off the back of the van from the front, hence, any heating/ cooling required in the driver’s area can be maintained with ease without having to regulate the temperature of the entire van. These partitions also make for quieter rides. The driver no longer has to endure irritating rattling noise from the back, which enables him to concentrate better on the road in front of him. Bulk head partitions are strong enough to house shelves and other storage space on their own. Thus you can bolt hooks and shelves directly on to the bulkhead partitions to save space inside your cargo area.

In Conclusion:

Transit partitions will not only make storage easier, but will add to the functionality of the vehicle as well. You need not spend as much time wading through unnecessary stuff to find a particular tool or equipment. With the right set of partitions, all your goods are neatly organized and you only have to open a lid at most to find what you need. If you are looking to install partitions in your own van, then you should check out the options at sites dedicated to the cause of manufacturing and selling high-end Ford Transit equipment and tools. Are you ready to make your vehicle all the more feature-rich and functional after reading about the partitions as given above?


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