Do’s and Don’ts of Plumbing Van Shelving

Mobility is a primary concern for plumbers. You need to move with all your tools and work equipment. You have great ideas about Plumbing Van Shelving that you think will work for you. Your approach to installation of shelves will determine whether you maximize the cargo section or not. This section can serve as an entire warehouse once it is properly designed. What measures should you take and what traps should you avoid in order to get the best results?

  • Have a Sketch of the Shelves

The wagon does not need shelves of any kind. It needs particular sizes and shapes that will serve your needs. Sit at your table and imagine all the tools, pipes and equipment you will be carrying. Consider their weights and how they can conveniently be ferried. Carrying objects of the same size in one rack saves space and gives you full control of the vehicle.

You may need to engage the services of a professional designer. With experience in developing Plumbing Van Shelving designs, the person is better placed to offer a functional sketch. A professional ensures that space is maximized with the right and enough shelves to ferry your desired tools. Consider a design that allows for easy modification. This means movable sections that will provide more room when the need arises.

The internet has numerous van shelving designs. They will provide an idea that you can modify to serve your purpose. The shelving technician will fine tune the design using his experience.

  • The Quality of Material Matters

The most common option for van owners is plywood. It is preferred because of its affordability. It is also easy to fit by cutting into different shapes and sizes. Shelves made of wood are not easily damaged by pointed objects. They also absorb a lot of the noise that would make your journey unbearably loud. Wood is generally durable and easy to maintain.

The disadvantages of using wood include its heavy nature that makes your van bulky. Wood is also very absorbent and will take in most of the oil and other liquids that spill. This results in unsightly shelves that are also very heavy. Ply wood that is poorly treated tends to splinter very easily. Though it protects your van adequately, there is a possibility of light fluid sipping through cracks and getting to the body.

You have the option of steel or aluminum. These materials come already designed with holes where nuts and screws are supposed to be. It is therefore difficult to customize them. Because of liability issues, most installers will only accept to do materials whose performance during a crash is known.

  • Have Options

There are options that will make your van more convenient to use. Prefabricated shelving comes with alternatives that enable you to, for example work away from the van by providing a movable case. One of the disadvantages of using wood is that it is difficult and almost impossible to transfer from one van to the other. Consider steel, aluminum and other strong synthetic materials that will serve you over and over.

You may need to use the van beyond plumbing. Having fixed shelves limits the uses you can put the wagon into. This calls for a reduction in the number of fixed shelves. You might be required to install basic rails on which you will fit and fix the movable sections.

  • Do Not Overload the Vehicle

Though shelving turns your wagon into a mobile store, this is not an opportunity to carry the warehouse, office and all the tools you can think of. Limit the weight of installed shelves to enable you carry more equipment and tools. Identify the tools and materials that are commonly used especially during emergency and plan for them.

Overloading the vehicle puts all occupants at risk. It is very easy for the rails and rakes to come off, damaging the body and endangering other road users. Engage a professional know the right weight of shelving to leave enough room for equipment and materials to be ferried. Weight distribution is another consideration. The design should allow weight to be evenly distributed to maintain balance.

Proper Plumbing Van Shelving makes it easier and convenient to serve clients away from location. The shelving will only serve your purpose when it is customized. Engage a professional to design and fit the shelves to guarantee long life and proper service. With proper planning and design, you can shift the accessories to your next van after years of use or even realize that you need a smaller van.


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