Choosing the Right Box Truck Equipment for Optimal Shipping Efficiency

The primary purpose of a box truck is to transport goods from one location to the other. This is extensively used by businesses that engage in delivering products to their clients; some examples include florists, courier companies, caterers, bakers, etc. Investing in the right kinds of box truck equipment will enable one to use the available space efficiently, thus reducing any shipping redundancies. The box truck offers you enough space in all three dimensions to carry your equipment or goods. A good technician will plan out the entire layout of the available space in order to maximize the use of every square inch. It is not unlike redesigning the interiors of an empty room, and using the right kinds of fixtures and fittings to give it an aesthetic look. Except, with a box truck, your primary concern is with functionality and has little to do with visual appeal.

In the name of functionality

Any business equipment ought to be customized in a manner that enables it to operate at its peak performance scale. This is true for box trucks as well. Since the main function of a box truck is to ferry cargo, one has to look into optimizing its storage space to allow for efficient and safe transport of goods.

Creating a highly functional storage space in no rocket science, but it does take a fair degree of effort to work around the available space constraint. Different businesses have different storage needs. Some require large shelves big boxes to transport large, heavy goods, while others need smaller shelves and compartments to hold smaller cargo. How you want to secure individual cargo also dictates the kind of equipment you need to install in your truck. Choosing the right box truck equipment is half the job. Here are some examples of storage equipment that are quite popular among box trucks.

Shelving systems

Shelves are quite popular among all types of trucks. They come in all shapes and sizes and serve as a great way to store different goods and equipment with ease. They are usually made of aluminum or stainless steel or hard plastic, which one can choose based on the weight restrictions of the cargo that needs to be handled. These open shelves can be further segmented to optimize your storage needs.

Drawer units

These pull out drawers are designed handle heavy loads and offer optimal protection. Their convenient designs offer enough space to organize your cargo and secure it with a lock and key. These drawers slide out easily, giving optimal access to your cargo without any hassles. They are usually fitted along the side of the truck bed, and store tools and other necessary equipment. It is always better to invest in good quality drawers that have a full extension capacity, as they offer a wider range of motion, making access to the contents of the drawer easy. Choosing light weight drawers made of aluminum will help reduce the overall weight of the truck, without compromising on the load bearing capabilities.


Storage bins are an excellent way to keep miscellaneous items in check. These are used extensively to store a variety of things such as wire spools, twine, large wrenches, etc. These bins are quite popular among cleaning contractors, who use them to segregate different cleaning chemicals for ease of access.


These workstations act as mobile workshops for professionals on the go. They are almost always customized to meet the specific needs of the trade, and are equipped with all the necessary equipment tools and a comfortably spaced work area. Up fitting the box truck with the right kind of work space equipment will allow the trades man to operate from anywhere, at any time. This box van and truck equipment is quite popular among contractors and associated personnel.

In case of emergency

A functional fire extinguisher and a first aid box should be in the arsenal of every trucker. Depending on the area of operation, one should also stock the truck with enough reflective flares and hard hats. It is essential to set up designated spaces to store these equipment.

Having them laying around “somewhere in the back” can prove costly when you are in actual need of these safety equipment. When left the van floor, they have a tendency to be kicked around all over the place, thus making it difficult for you to find them later on. Since these equipment are mostly used in an emergency- when someone is hurt or when you find a fire, placing them in an easy to access location, within your truck, will help minimize precious seconds in trying to find them. You can have a couple of drawers fitted or you can secure these on designated shelves inside your van.

Safety in the box truck

Safety should be a huge concern for any transport truck. One should not neglect the safety requirements in lieu of increasing storage or maximizing load handling capabilities of a van. This van goes on the road all year round. Any mismatch in the safety precautions can lead to accidents, thus putting your driver and the lives of others in risk. The truck will almost always bear the brunt of any road accident. An incapacitated truck will not make money as long as it sits in the garage. You will also have to consider the repair charges when accounting for the losses.

Apart from the safety of the truck on road, it is also essential to consider the safety of the goods within the storage hold. Improperly secured cargo has a tendency to break free from their intended position and tumble all over the truck floor! This will not only lead to losses due to damages, but will also compromise the safety and stability of the van.

Thus, it is recommended that you hire the services of a professional when installing box truck equipment. A professional will thoroughly assess your storage requirements and will recommend the right kind of racks, shelves drawer units and boxes to suit your shipment needs. Up fitting the van will add to the quality of services a business can provide, thus increasing value in the industry.


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