Top Benefits of Having a Drop Down Van Ladder Rack

Equipping your transit fleet with the right drop down van ladder rack is an inexpensive but highly effective way to expand storage space on your vehicles

The owner of a utility van or a commercial service van will always be at constant battle with the available space in his van. It is quite common for a frustrated driver/ utility staff to dream of a van with expandable space. The technology to make that happen isn’t quite here yet. So, you opt for the next best thing- additional racks and partition devices that will help make a judicious use of the available space. If that doesn’t suffice, you will have to secure the goods on the roof of the vehicle using strong topes or a drop down van ladder rack.

Staying safe on the roads

If you are someone who ferries volumes of cargo or tools or equipment in your vehicle, then you will be well aware of the risks associated with carrying equipment on the roof of the van. In most places, you will actually be fined, if you try to be clever and deviate from orthodox methods of securing things to the roof of the van. There is good reason for this too. If they are not secured well enough then,running over one little pothole or one careless turn can seriously hamper the structural integrity of the entire set up, which will lead to the entire cargo getting unloaded prematurely, thus causing damage to the goods and to the traffic around you.

Apart from being a danger to those around you, this reckless behavior will also pose a risk to you as well. Depending on the velocity of the vehicle and the weight of the goods being carried, any lapse in balance or control can tip the van over, putting your life and the cargo in danger. Thus, if you are looking to secure anything on the roof of your van, you should invest in a good set of drop down van ladder rack.

Traits of a good ladder rack

The whole prospect of loading and unloading cargo from the roof of the van poses a credible risk. Even a small misstep or a wrong maneuver can end in disastrous results. Some of the most common problems that arise due to an improperly calibrated van ladder rack include a pulled back, hamstring injury etc.

A van ladder, however, is designed to offer optimal assistance in making the contractor’s work easier and more efficient.It should be capable of handling new career challenges with ease. Some of the traits your ladder rack should have in order to satisfy its purpose includes-

  • Strength: It goes without saying that the van ladder rack should be sturdy and robust. The rack should be strong enough to handle the weight of the ladder and other cargo it is expected to carry. Not all ladders weigh the same,and your ladder rack should be capable of carrying the entire weight and distributing evenly across the roof to prevent any localized load bearing. This will help keep a favorable center of gravity, thus keeping the van safe during transit, especially when you are in the process of maneuvering sharp curves.
  • Agility: An agile drop down van ladder rack will be easy to operate, thus reducing set up and pack up time. With most ladder racks, there is a fine tradeoff between the sturdiness and the agility of the rack. A ladder rack with minimal moving parts is generally more rigid and thus sturdy, but one with more moving parts generally indicates a flimsy structure. Moving parts are also generally prone to quicker wear, thus exposing bare metal to the weather elements and dust, which can further deteriorate the quality of the van ladder rack.
  • Ease of use: The ease of use depends entirely on your convenience.If you have a crew of one, then, a highly agile ladder rack will make it easier for him to lead and unload the cargo. If you have a larger crew, then you can invest in a more rigid ladder rack, without having to compromise on the turnaround time. Irrespective of your needs and your crew constraints, investing in an ergonomically designed ladder rack will help keep your crew and your van free form avoidable accidents.
  • Reliability: Not all drop down van ladder racks are made the same way. Skimping on a good ladder rack can hamper productivity in the long run. Swapping a sturdy, heavy ladder rack for a smaller one that hardly supports the weight of the ladder, for example, is a ticking time bomb. It is recommended that you consider your specific needs and requirements before you even begin shopping for the ladder rack.
  • Weather proof: Cast iron happens to be the most commonly used material in the manufacturing of van roof ladder racks. These are highly susceptible to corrosion, and should be treated with the right kind of coatings to prevent any corrosion due to constant exposure to moisture and dust. Aluminium ladder racks fare much better in maintenance. They do not require as much an extensive coating and can manage with minimal protection such as a power coating.
  • Visual appeal: Visual appeal might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of utility. However, since you are running a business, brandishing your van with the company colors, logo and contact information will essentially make it a marketing tool on wheels. Thus, you choice in the van ladder rack should conform to your business colors. Owing to the maintenance and corrosion scare involved, you ought to invest in good quality paint.

Choosing the right kind of drop down van ladder rack for your van can be quite an ordeal indeed. However, with the right kind of assistance and a little bit of effort on your part, you will be able to choose one that fits the bill perfectly. If you care looking for something more personalized, then these ladder racks can be customized to fit your specific purposes too. For example, if you frequently carry tools and equipment on your roof instead of traditional ladders, you can modify the rack at an authorized dealer to make it safe and secure for that very function.

Now that you are aware of the goodness of drop down ladder racks, it would make good sense to visit reputed portals and check out the products that are laid out on the racks for you. Make sure that you have assessed your needs well, and have a good idea about your budget, before proceeding with your purchase.


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