Looking for office on wheels? Go for a Sprinter Van Mobile office today

Have you ever taken a seat aboard the newly elected U.S. President Donald Trump’s $ 100 million Boeing -757 private jet to launch an online product campaign among the clouds or danced with Playboy bunnies at 35,000 ft aboard Hugh Hefner’s stretch DC-9 on the aircraft’s specially designed dance floor? Well, you may sample similar experience if you climb aboard a customized Sprinter Van Mobile Office manufactured by some of the renowned carmakers.

Facilities available with Sprinter Van Mobile Office

To be precise, it offers all the facilities that are available with elegantly appointed stationary offices, plus a lot more. Nevertheless, Sprinter van mobile office is built for companies that want their executives to become productive while travelling to various locations on business. At the same time, they also want the journeys to be comfortable and relaxed. In other words, it represents a luxurious executive office on wheels, keeping an eye on creature comforts, too.

Source: http://americanvanequipment.tumblr.com/post/153552190710/looking-for-office-on-wheels-go-for-a-sprinter


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