Buy Ford Transit Connect Roof Rack

Ever since sedans were introduced to the motoring public, roof racks became popular accessories for most vehicles. Roof racks were widely used to carry objects that could not be accommodated in the vehicle’s boot area on account of bulk, shape or dimensions. These included bicycles, canoes, kayaks, skis and many more. Roof racks were easily installed by motorists because car roofs followed a standard pattern and so suitable hooks could be used to secure the rack with the roof.

However, the scenario underwent a radical change when new types of vehicles such as Ford Transit Connect Roof Rack and similar types of vehicles appeared on the motoring milieu where one size fits all no more worked. In other words, customized roof racks were needed for each brand of vehicle. Nevertheless, here is how you may indent and install a customized for roof rack for your Ford Transit Connect van.

Step 1

You need to choose the Mounting Style first

  • Option 1: Gutter Mount (Factory Ford, plus Chevrolet/ GMC vans and pre-07 Sprinters)

  • Option 2: Track Mount (Sprinters and Ford Excursions, provided factory track rail system is there)

  • Option 3: Fixed Mount (Specific to the 2015+ Ford Transit Connect)

  • Option 4: Penthouse Top (Specific to Sprinters)

  • Option 5: Fiberglass Top (Specific to Ford Sportsmobile)

Step 2

You need to choose the Roof Rack Style

  • Option 1: Double Loop Open Front

  • Option 2: Double Loop Open Back

Step 3

You need to choose the flooring

  • Option1: Open Crossbars

  • Option 2: Standard Slat

  • Option 3: Tight Slat

  • Option 4: Diamond Tread

  • Option 5: Perforated Aluminum

You may also need the following Roof Rack Accessories for your Ford Transit that includes:

  • Dual Row LED light bars that are hardy and impact resistant, featuring hard coated polycarbonate lens, while carrying waterproof rating to IP69K standard.

  • Extended Length (For roof racks that are 11 feet to 13 feet.

  • Low Profile option ( If you are looking for low profile Baja look on your roof rack, then go for this).


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