Ford Transit Connect Accessories

People’s craze for cars shifts from year to year. No wonder major automaker Ford had realized this right from the beginning and responded by producing varied models that started with the Tin Lizzie (T-Model Ford), Sedans (starting from Model-A) to Convertibles and later to SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle). In between came the minivan. However, with the progress of the digital world, people seem to need multipurpose vehicles that could be fitted out with accessories befitting a particular purpose and as a result Ford produced the Transit Connect models. Needless to say, Ford also satisfied the buyers’ urge to fit out the vehicle with their preferred parts by producing accessories galore that are listed below.

Ford Transit Connect AccessoriesFord Transit Connect Accessories

  • Remote Start Vehicle Security System – Hood Switch Kit (For use with upgradable Vehicle Security System).

  • Cargo Security Shade – Black (Covers the cargo area behind the 2nd row seat).

  • Floor Mats – Carpeted 4 piece, with A/C (Finest quality carpet, custom fit to the right contour of each vehicle. Driver-side mats have positive retention).

  • Floor Mats – Carpeted, Front pair.

  • Ford Telematics – powered by Telogis (Suit of cloud-based applications designed to give Ford customers visibility into the workdays of every driver in the field. Includes:

  • Mobile connectivity

  • Data reporting

  • Workflow information

  • In-cab alerts

  • Driver scorecards

  • Fuel management

  • Ready-to-use dashboard monitor driver behavior and operations

  • Customizable reports

  • Wheel – 16 inch Aluminum (Engineered and tested to meet rigorous Ford requirements that include on-track ride evaluation, as also extensive environmental testing for corrosion resistance. Sold individually).

  • Remote Start System – One Way (Vehicle Security System).

  • Remote Start System – Bidirectional (Vehicle Security System –Programmable for VSS).

  • Remote Start – Remote Access System (Ingenious App that lets you use your smartphone to start, lock, unlock , as also find the vehicle from anywhere nearby. Also alerts you of likely theft via text or email. Requires Annual Subscription).

  • Side Window Deflectors – 4 piece, SWB Wagon (Keep out snow or rain when window is marginally opened to let in fresh air.)

  • Side Window Deflectors – 4 piece, LWB Wagon (Serves same purpose).

  • Splash Guards – Molded, rear pair (Deflect snow, ice and mud away from lower body panels.)

  • Vehicle Safe by Console Vault, having following features

  • Best answer for people with high security needs

  • Made from massive 12 gauge cold rolled steel plate

  • Welded tab and notch seams

  • 3-point locking system resists pilfering

  • Spring assisted lid

  • 4-digit combination lock with 10,000 probable combinations

  • Easy installation

  • Secures inside factory console (Console Vault’s in-vehicle safes discreetly).

  • Ash Cup with Lighter Element (Ash Tray/Cup-cum-coin holder along with lid can be mounted to the central console). Includes the lighter, too.

  • First Aid Kit – with Ford Logo (Must have item for your Ford Transit Connect).


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