10 Must Have Ford Transit Accessories

Upfitting the right Ford Transit accessories will offer additional support, safety and better ride quality when shipping cargo. Here are 10 must have accessories for your cargo van.

Despite being in production for over four decades, the Ford Transit has maintained a charm that is yet to be replicated by many of its competitors. This popular cargo van has undergone a number of cosmetic and functional upgrades over the years, but has retained it trademark quality and efficiency, making it one of the most sought after commercial trade vans. One of the main reason for its versatility is the availability of a variety of high quality Ford Transit accessories in the markets. Every little detail matters when upfitting your commercial cargo van. The ford Transit has a number of aftermarket parts that are designed for the perfect fit.

How to choose the right accessories?

Choosing the right van accessories will enable you to access a wider range of functionality. Although cargo van accessories are designed to organize the available space in an efficient manner, they also offer additional safety by increasing the stability of your vehicle, especially when ferrying heavy cargo. Your choice in accessories are dictated solely by the trade you engage in. The requirements of a plumber’s truck is vastly different from a truck used to ferry laundry, or flowers. Make sure to have a list of requirements and functionalities that the accessories need to satisfy before installing them. Here is a list of ten most popular Ford Transit accessories that are used in most trucks, irrespective of their style of operation.

  1. Ladder Racks: A ladder rack is generally mounted on top of the truck, and it offers a sturdy base to carry a variety of bulky items such as ladders, boards, timber, tools, etc. These ladder racks are usually made of sturdy aluminum, which gives it a lightweight, yet robust nature. You can opt for either a permanent installation or a temporary installation, depending on your needs.

  2. Shelving: Shelves are among the most popular interior ford transit accessories. These shelves are available in a variety of designs and make, from fixed shelves to foldable shelving systems, thus making it easy to choose the right shelves that fit your transportation needs. Adjustable shelving systems allow you to customize the available space by manipulating the shelf units with simple tools.

  3. Bulkhead Partition: Bulkhead partitions effectively segregate the driver’s end in the front and the storage area at the back of the truck. This sturdy steel wall is fitted snugly against the top, bottom and sides of the van walls, thus assuring sturdy and robust safety features as well. Since most cargo vans carry heavy equipment and goods in the back, this wall of steel effectively prevents any improperly secure article/ cargo from bumping into the driver or the passenger in the front.

  4. Bin Storage: Van bin storage tools are an excellent way to keep the cargo area well organized.These come in standard sizes and are easy to install. They are extremely handy when storing similar types of equipment and tools such as screwdrivers, drill bits, etc. in one place. They are available in an easy to slide design, and installing the right bins in strategic points within the truck enables you to have easy access to the contents within.

  5. Van Organizers: No van retrofitting is complete without installing van organizers. Made of metal, these durable and robust racking systems offer a sturdy set up to store small items such as glue, paper towels, spray cans, etc. Utility hooks can be used to hang pipes, cables, customized tank holders and tank racks, and offer a well-built anchor point for propane and refrigerant tanks.

  6. Safety Accessories: These are not upfitting accessories per se, however, it is imperative to have reliable safety accessories at your disposal to help combat unexpected emergencies with ease. A reliable first aid kit, multipurpose fire extinguishers, sidewise mounts, power inverter and associated accessories, etc. enable you to be prepared in case an emergency occurs when on the road.

  7. Floor Storage Units: These floor drawers offer an additional storage space for your equipment. When used right, floor drawer offer clutter free storage that allows you to organize your tools and equipment in an efficient manner. They are available in a variety of materials, from 14 gauge steel to lightweight aluminum, and the choice depends entirely on the functional requirements. These storage units are equipped with traction strips, which reduce slippage when walking over the same.

  8. Lighting: One of the most popular lighting systems for cargo vans are LED fixtures. When installed in the right spots, they will help keep the cargo storage area well illuminated in all corners.These lights are generally small in size and take up less space, and thus do not obstruct maneuverability within the van. Their small size contributes to efficient and modest electricity consumption as well.

  9. Phone Mounts: Modern transportation is heavily dependent on smart transit gear such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Installing the right mounting gears for these equipment will allows drivers to access maps, address and other necessary information at a reaching distance. It also allows them to hold conversations over the phone without endangering their lives on the road. Choose from a variety of mounts such as dashboard mount, windshield mount, vent mount etc. to give your phone a secure stand while you drive around in peace.

  10. Security Locks: Most cargo van users prefer the use of stealth security locks, as they offer optimal protection and also add to the overall aesthetic look of the van. These automatic locks are usually tamper proof and have a slew of interesting features that make them theft proof. Replacing stock locking mechanism with a stronger, more reliable lock will keep your doors safe and secure.

Shopping for Ford Transit accessories can be a daunting experience if you are unsure of what your requirements are. Take enough time to understand your needs and the purpose that these additional accessories are to serve. This will allow you to make informed decisions which will pay off in the long run. Apart from the functionality, you should also ensure that these accessories add to the visual appeal of your truck. After all, your truck is expected to be on the road most of the time; it might as well make you look cool.

Are you ready to invest in these high-quality Ford accessories that promise to make your life simpler and easier. Go ahead; you will not be disappointed by what you order for your vehicle!


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