Important guidelines to remember while purchasing Bulkhead Doors

A lot of you will be wondering what exactly a bulkhead is. Well, a bulkhead is a robust wall-like structure that is built out of different materials such as aluminum, steel or wire etc. The most common use of bulkhead doors can be seen in cargo vans today. These help in making these vans much more organized and efficient. Almost all business houses are installing these bulkhead doors in their cargo vans, rendering them more secure and organized in terms of space.

Though it can be said that the bulk head doors are good options for van and truck owners, the primary aspect to consider is need. As there is variety in terms of availability of such doors, choosing the right one according to needs is necessary. This will not only fit perfectly with your requirements, but will also mean that you do not end up spending on something that is not necessary.

Types of Van Bulkhead Doors

There are basically four types of bulkhead doors, which can be enumerated as:

  • Solid Bulkheads

  • Window Bulkheads

  • Punched Bulkheads

  • Grille or Mesh Bulkheads

Cargo van bulkhead doors provide an extra level of security to the van against any kind of theft. The solid bulkhead doors offer complete obstruction of view. One cannot see the items that are being transported in the load area of the cargo van. Thus, even if you are transporting any valuable items in your van, no one can see it and thus it greatly reduces the chances of any kind of theft.

The bulkhead doors with a small punched area or maybe a small window are also very useful as they help you to quickly have a look if all the materials or items are in place and on board. You can fit in window grills to avoid access to the load are of the cargo van from the punched area.

A cheaper option in bulkhead doors is the grille mesh door that can be fitted in your vehicle. It does not obstruct the view to the load area therefore any passenger can see the type of materials being transported, however, it organizes the cargo van space efficiently into two parts. One area is load area and the passenger area is neatly demarcated by means of these bulkhead doors.

How to choose the right Bulkhead Door for your van?

There are many different varieties of bulkhead doors available that it sometimes becomes so difficult to choose the correct option. You should carefully access your own requirements based on which you can easily decide which one to buy. Some factors that you should consider before buying a bulkhead door for your van are as follows:

  • Access: You need to decide if you require a pass through access door or not. Then you can choose between a solid bulkhead door or a locking hinged door.

  • Visibility: If you prefer visibility then you can opt for a wire mesh door. In case if you want to obstruct the view, then a solid bulkhead is the perfect choice.

  • Driver Comfort: You can opt for an extended wing kit in order to provide proper leg room space to the driver.

Where to look out for Bulk Head doors?

Though you can find bulk head doors across your local market or specialized stores that sell products related to trucks and vans, it is better to choose the internet for this purpose. With the internet comes choice and hence, it is always the best way to move ahead while purchasing. Just find the right source and your purchase becomes easier.


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