Bulkhead Door: Entry Point to a more Organized Van Space

Have you been looking around for high-quality, affordable and smart-fitting van accessories for added functionality and comfort? It would be a good idea to begin your quest and installation processes with a bulkhead door in place. Designed to upfit your van in every conceivable way, this useful van accessory is what you really need too! With many different designs of bulkhead doors available in the market today – from solid and perforated to the hinged ones — you can rest assured about organizing all the available space in your van in the best possible way.

Read on for easy ways of going about the task of installing a cargo van bulkhead door in your vehicle.

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Cargo Van Bulkhead Door – a very Useful Accessory

Now that you have taken the decision of installing a bulkhead in your van, you need to select a standard or 3″ Setback wing kit. Along with the same, you also need to research upon other accessories like safety equipment, files, cover panels, tank holders, hook bars, wire window screens, plastic bin systems, door kits, long part storage kits, and so forth. These accessories are usually available at affordable costs in online and offline specialty stores, for all kinds of bulkheads. You just need to be sure that some of these accessories have to go through the bulkhead door, so choose accordingly.

Top Advantages of Van Bulkheads

When it comes to choosing practical and useful van accessories for your vehicle, you should invest in a bulkhead door or partition with care. A bulkhead is basically a divider that is located just behind the driver. The many reasons that should inspire you to buy a good-quality bulkhead are enumerated below:


A van bulkhead is similar to a wall. It separates your work van from it cargo area. If your business requires you to haul bulky tools or heavy equipment at all times, then it is a good idea to invest in a sturdy, long-lasting and durable bulkhead door too; these accessories offer the highest levels of security and protection to your goods, and passengers too.


As a professional or service person on the move, you certainly need a very organized and well-arranged cargo space for keeping your cargo, tools, and equipment handy. Along with making it easy for you to get instant access to the right thing, at the right time, you can be more relaxed about the safety of your valuable possessions with a bulkhead door in place.

Noise Reduction

You have set out to enjoy a long drive to your work area and are getting aggravated with the clutter and noise coming from the back of your van; especially from the areas where the tools are stored. What do you do? This is where a snug bulkhead comes in handy and helps you get rid of any extra noise that may distract you unnecessarily.


Van bulkheads and their doors offer excellent levels of organization. With their help, all van bulkhead accessories are capable of being mounted onto a partition directly; thereby creating plenty of space for storing tools, equipments, and paperwork alike.

Climate Control

In most cases, bulkheads and partitions succeed in creating a seal that exists between the doors of the van and the partition. Along with adding more security measures, this accessory creates a separate space for the passengers and driver that can be heated and cooled quicker than full-size van interiors.

Professional Image

By installing a bulkhead door or partition, you can give a very professional feel and look to your van. With the help of this high-quality accessory, you can create an overall professional and organized image that will help you create a niche position for your van in today’s competitive marketplace.


The efficiency and overall value of a work van increases manifold with a bulkhead in place.

Safety Value of Bulkheads in Vans

Like many other van owners, you also need better safety tools for keeping your tools and cargo safe. Here, full-width safety partitions and bulkheads go a long way in providing appropriate work area visibility, while separating the passenger compartment from the cargo area. With this van accessory in place, most driver and passenger injuries caused by the shifting of cargo loads in the incidence of a crash or sudden halt, can be averted, and to a large extent.

Modern-day bulkheads or safety partitions are extremely strong, and generally constructed with the help of 16-gauge steel. They can be used in fleets that are as diverse in nature as pharmaceutical and healthcare companies making urgent express deliveries to health-care centers, telecommunications equipment firms, package delivery, and so forth.

Variety of Bulkhead Designs

Bulkheads, such as those manufactured by Knaack Products, Crystal Lake, Ill. Or Masterack/Crown Inc., Lorain, Ohio, offer safety and security alike. For instance, if someone breaks into your van, then the divider that is present for added security prevents access to the well-stocked cargo area. On the other hand, Masterack’s dividers boast of solid or perforated panels. The centers of these partitions can be in the form of either a hinged door that has a keyed locking handle, or a fixed panel. Additionally, if you look around carefully, you will come across sliding, solid, and swing-door designs that have screen mesh and windowed options. These solid partitions offer an additional three feet of length-carrying capability (total 10 ft.) that can accommodate objects that are up to 9 in. in height, along the floor.

The right time to add more functionality and benchmarked features to your van is now. Go ahead and invest good time in the right research. With the right options in place, you can look forward to enjoying many more hours of safe driving, for work and pleasure alike.


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