Chevy Express Accessories That You Absolutely Cannot Do Without


In today’s world people prefer road trips over taking a flight or traveling by train. The best car that is convenient for such trips, or for transporting cargo from one place to another, is the Chevrolet Express. This is an absolute favourite for all the 4×4 cargo van lovers and holds almost 45% of the market among vans in this category. All enthusiastic adventurer mongers and those who are in the business of transporting cargo regularly are drawn towards the rugged beauty of this vehicle. Functional in every possible way, a Chevy Express can be customized for adding further worth to factory settings.

Are you one of those proud Chevy van owners who are always on the lookout for smarter and more feature-packed accessories for making your travel time comfortable and exciting? If yes, you are in the right place indeed. Read on for the best of Chevy Express accessories that can add more value to your work or off-road vehicle.

Importance of Chevy Express Break Pads

A Chevy Express is designed to withstand even the highest level of impact. Almost indestructible structurally, it can run smoothly across the most difficult terrains. But then, there are certain treacherous road conditions that may add stress to your vehicle. Invest in Chevy Express brake pads that help you maneuver the worst roads with ease; thereby reducing the possibility of crashes to a great extent. Yes, these affordable and easily available brake pads are just what you need to ensure your safety, as well as that of your van.

The Magic of a Work Saver Back Station

Have you been working for hours on the road, or just off it? If your operations demand long travel times or see you work from your Chevy Express, then you need to invest in some smart accessories that will make your tasks easier. Get yourself a work save back station that will make you go about your business in quick and effective ways. This work station can be unfolded anywhere you go, and folded back up once you are done.

This Chevy Express accessory folds down either from the side or the rear of the van. The compact door station mounts on the door panels, right below the window, and provides a high work surface position. It gives you a stable and sturdy platform made of heavy duty aluminum, that’s both long-lasting and strong. What’s more? You get immediate access to high strength composite fiber boards that have a very low rate of corrosion or wear. With this functional accessory attached to you van, working in any part of the world becomes a piece of cake. Go for it.

Why is a Hitch Vise Mount Essential?

This accessory helps you to use the van’s 2″ hitch to create a stable and sturdy foundation where your vise can be mounted. It can most definitely be used in pickup trucks by keeping the tailgate open. The mount extends as high as 24″ from the hitch.

Necessity of a Back Up Alarm

The use of back up alarms keeps everyone and everything around the van on the alert. Purchase the Ecco Back -Up alarm which comes in three different setting levels – K-Spec, GSA and Bureau of Mines. These Chevy Express accessories conform to SAEJ944 and have also been approved by UL. Along with being completely pressure washable, they meet the CE requirements too. So, make sure that you install these back-up alarms in your vehicle to ensure the highest levels of safety and security – for yourself, and others too.

Chevy Van Air Filters

Worried about putting a crimp in your Chevy Express’s gas mileage? Don’t allow a clogged and dirty air filter get you down under any circumstances. Research on a wide range of Chevy van air filters up for grabs in specialty stores – both online and offline – and get yourself zipping once more. You can count on the premium materials that are used in finely engineered air filters for this purpose.

Capable of trapping up to 99.2% of irritating and harmful  particulates, these air filters are designed for giving off optimum air flows. They go a long way in firing up the jets linked to your horsepower, and keep you harnessed to all kinds of road conditions with flair. Injen, S&B, K&N, Volant— you may like to choose from a long list of premier brands of these Chevy Van air filters. Promising to fit like a glove, these Chevy Express van accessories keep all nasty crud away from your air flows to enhance your torque, give optimum gas mileage, and unleash your horsepower; like never before!

The Feel of Van Bras

If you are wondering about what we mean by Chevy van bras, then do know that they are popular accessories that keep the concerns of tar and small road gravel at bay. With high-quality van bras in place, you may avoid nasty chips that lead to degraded paint jobs and severe damages. Designed for easy and simple installation, premium bras give off an aerodynamic, body-hugging fit and seldom flap in the breeze like their cheaper counterparts.

Chevy Express Car Covers with a Difference

More often than not, your van works overtime during the day, and is subject to the grimy influences of pollution at night. Stop worrying about keeping your vehicle looking as good as new by covering it the right way. Chevy van covers serve to be a good idea for the vehicles parked outside their garage, and fit all shapes to perfection. They tend to slip over the overall expanse of the van with the highest levels of precision, right up to the mirror locations. Wrap your car up when not in use, these covers will help your cause in the best possible way.

The Final Word

This vehicle is fuel efficient and gives you a smooth drive through all kinds of terrains. It is one of the most functional autos on the road for people like you. So, if you are still waiting to get your hands on these Chevy Express accessories, then browse through this list to make your vehicle up to the mark.


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