Install A Van Bulkhead Door For Added Security

Are you planning to upfit your work truck or van? You cannot possibly ignore the installation of a van bulkhead door. This work vehicle essential is especially designed to suit the purpose of small business owners and goes a long way in making work vehicles more organized and efficient.

As a business owner on the move, you may like to have a distinctive partition between the load area and cab area of a light commercial vehicle or van. This is where a bulkhead door comes into play and provides an additional level of security through 4 basic types of van bulkheads: punched bulkheads, solid bulkheads, grille/ mesh bulkheads and window bulkheads. Read on for how these bulkhead doors are useful as a deterrent against theft, make organizing of space easy, and provide limited views into load areas for enhanced security.

Van Bulkheads—Why do you Need them Too

A bulkhead door refers to the opening that leads through a wall-like structure that is made from different materials like steel or wire, and is located just behind the passenger/ driver seats of a work vehicle. These solid bulkheads obliterate the view of materials and tools that are stored and transported in the loading areas of the van. Because of them, anyone passing your vehicle does not get an eyeful of what’s loaded behind; thereby alleviating the concerns of any opportunist thieves attempting to break into your vehicle.

Moreover, there are different kinds of bulkheads with small punched areas/ windows which are particularly useful for offering limited views into the tools, equipment and cargo on board; along with offering the usage of a rear view mirror in case your vehicle has rear door glazing. In other words, the bulkhead door with a small opening increases the security levels of your van by providing an adequate barrier. In case your van boasts of rear glazing, you may even consider fitting blanks or rear window grilles for preventing access to the loading area of your vehicle.

Mesh Type Grille Bulkhead Door

You may like to go in for a cheaper alternative in the form of a wire mesh kind of grille bulkhead. Even though they are known for providing a protective barrier between the cab and load areas, these grilles are not too secure as they do not obscure the view of someone trying to break into the vehicle for gaining access to the load area, via a rear window or door. You may invest in light commercial vehicles that have factory fitted bulkheads or buy van bulkheads for retrofitting to your vehicle. These bulkheads may make you incur expensive outlays initially, but are definitely worthy of the cause and help you protect all valuable items being ferried in your vehicle.

Various Types of Bulkheads

You may choose from a large selection of van bulkheads that are custom designed to suit different vehicles. The work vehicles that stand to benefit from bulkheads include:

• Nissan NV
• Sprinter Van
• Ford FSV
• Transit Connect

Choosing the Correct Partition is Easy

With different kinds of cargo van bulkheads available for grabs, it is not an easy job to choose the right one for a work or commercial van. It is a good idea to understand the design features and uses of all available bulkhead doors; especially those that are custom made to fit your vehicle. These features will guide your purchase of the best cargo van partition for your need.

Pass through access: You may either invest in a completely solid van bulkhead or one that has a hinged, locking door.

Visibility : If you need to keep an eye on the load area, then you may consider buying perforated panels for added visibility; here, wire bulkheads do the job well.

Comfort for driver : An extended wing kit reduces cargo area and leaves extra leg room for those in the cab area.

Organization: Choose appropriate bulkhead accessories that are capable of being mounted directly on and around the bulkhead door for easy access features.

The best way of getting yourself the best and correct bulkhead for your needs is by contacting a van bulkhead dealer or manufacturer and learning more about the price range, features and functionality of the available products.


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